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St Louis Cosmetic Surgery is Evolving

St Louis Cosmetic Surgery is Evolving

The choice to have cosmetic surgery is intensely personal. It’s about doing something for yourself. It’s about the confidence you feel when you look your best. It’s about looking as young as you feel.

Cosmetic surgery is completely elective and optional, so every effort should be made to minimize risks of procedures and shorten recovery. The goal of minimizing risks has made innovative cosmetic surgeons strive to make surgical procedures require smaller and smaller incisions, with some procedures requiring only skin punctures the size of a pen tip. At the same time, to minimize the risk from anesthesia, there has been focus on using local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. Using local anesthesia is not only safer, it also has a faster recovery time. Smaller procedures with smaller incisions can be less traumatic and have faster recovery. These changes have been going on for some time and the pace of change may even be increasing. All of these changes are making cosmetic surgery more accessible and more popular than ever, including the St Louis cosmetic surgery procedures done here at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center.

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More Natural Cosmetic Results

While there is an increasing acceptance for laser cosmetic surgery procedures, there is also increasing demand for more natural looking results. Today, patients want treatments to rejuvenate and enhance their appearance, but also to look completely natural. People want breast augmentation to look, feel, and move like natural breast tissue. Women are no longer happy with augmented breasts that look artificial or “stuck on.” Now, using the patient’s own fat, we are able to enlarge breasts while keeping the natural look, because they are natural. New fat transplantation technology, coupled with liposuction, allows surgeons to naturally add and subtract volume and enhance curves without having to cut and stitch back together. Not only breasts, but faces, buttocks and other areas can be sculpted by taking fat from one area and moving it to a more desirable area. The procedure allows the most natural look and feel possible.

The Age of Profile Photographs and Selfies

At the same time cosmetic plastic surgery is becoming more accessible, there is also more emphasis on physical appearance in our society. Our culture has always been focused on youthful appearances, but in the internet age our communication has become more and more visual. Our social interactions are less and less by handwritten note or voice and more over the internet with selfies or other visual media. Video chat and FaceTime are a couple examples of how our voice is more and more paired with our visual appearance. Now, even most email accounts have profile pictures. Today, more people look to cosmetic procedures to help make their best impression and feel more confident and self-assured.
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The Field of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in St Louis

Plastic surgery is a broad field that has its roots in reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is focused on restoring form and function of physical defects. A significant number of plastic surgeons choose to focus their practice on cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a closely related field that is entirely focused on enhancing physical appearance. Both cosmetic and plastic surgery deal with improving patient’s bodies, but the underlying research, training, and goals are slightly different. Some plastic surgeons focus only on reconstructive surgeries, such as hand surgery or craniofacial surgery. A significant number of cosmetic surgeons have come from other medical fields, including dermatology, otolaryngology, and oral maxillary surgery among others, and have made noteworthy contributions to the field of cosmetic surgery.

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FaceTite & BodyTite – Amazing Results Without Scars

FaceTite is a new minimally invasive body sculpting technology that uses Radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin and remove fat on the chin, cheeks, jowls and neck. It can treat a double chin or sagging jowls in less than an hour without general anesthesia. It can give nearly the same tightening results of open surgery procedures like a neck lift, or face-lift with a fraction of the recovery time.

BodyTite is a new minimally invasive body sculpting technology that uses Radiofrequency energy to dissolve fat and tighten skin. Studies have shown that Bodytite can give 2/3 of the skin tightening seen with open surgeries like tummy tucks, thigh lifts or arm lifts, without leaving large scars. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and recovery is much quicker than open procedures. BodyTite can be combined with liposuction or done as a stand-alone procedure. Each of these St Louis cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed by Dr. Wright and his team, so if you are looking for plastic surgeons in St Louis MO, look no further.