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Get Rid of Veins with Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment

Get Rid of Veins with Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Ablation Treatment St. Louis

How You Can Get Rid of Unwanted Veins

Individuals who suffer from vein-based discomfort understand firsthand the signs and unpleasant symptoms. Conditions that result in the bulging or protrusion of large veins in the legs are more than simply aesthetically unpleasing. Venous insufficiency is a medical condition which causes veins to enlarge and swell, often causing severe pain and discomfort. Veins are responsible for returning oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. Those who suffer from venous insufficiency live with veins functioning with failing valves that results in blood intended for the heart to flow backwards and begin pooling, causing distended varicose veins. This condition can lead to much more serious medical complications if left untreated including blood clots and ulcers. As the condition worsens, it’s not uncommon for those suffering from venous insufficiency to experience unpleasant warmth in their veins as well as restless, itching or aching limbs. In the pursuit of vein treatment to get rid of veins that cause these issues, radiofrequency ablation vein removal treatment can be a highly effective solution. Get rid of veins causing you these problems today, with a visit to our Laser Lipo & Vein Center.

Get Rid of Veins That Cause Trouble with Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) electrosurgery is a method commonly used by physicians to treat problematic veins. It is both a safe and effective procedure that can be completed right in the office on the same day the patient arrives for a scheduled visit. Requiring only local anesthesia to numb the designated area, veins are accessed using a small needle and probe. Once inserted into the vein, the probe is activated by the attending physician and energy is carefully pulsed into the area as a high-frequency wave. The energy works to disrupt the vein lining and ultimately collapses and closes the vein. As a result of this excess energy, the vein in question is finally absorbed or ablated into the body, eliminating problematic symptoms like arthritis with its disposal.

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Safety of Using Radiofrequency Ablation to Get Rid of Veins

While vein treatment may at times be a necessary step to avoid greater medical complications in the future, the human body does an amazing job of providing for any deficit incurred during treatment. Hosting many more veins than it needs to function on a daily basis, radiofrequency ablation is a safe treatment option in that it doesn’t affect the volume of vessels required for the human body to survive. As a treatment option, radiofrequency ablation is minimally invasive, and patients are easily able to stand up and walk out of the office unassisted following the procedure.

Requiring only local anesthesia, the numbing effects put in place prior to the treatment quickly fade and discomfort is rarely reported. Once the procedure is complete, patients can expect the veins that were targeted to quickly close up. With these closings, blood that previously pooled and showed up under the skin as noticeable marks or discoloration is instead absorbed by the body. For patients who previously experienced unpleasant itching associated with blood pools, these symptoms are now eliminated.

A wonderful and safe alternative to painful vein stripping, radiofrequency ablation can quickly treat varicose veins and removes the possibility of negative after-effects. A simple outpatient procedure that delivers successful results, patients enjoy a convenience factor alongside extremely beneficial results.

Understanding the progressive nature of vein treatment procedures is essential when looking at how vein treatment services can be combined in a safe and effective manner over time. Generally speaking, vein treatments work most effectively when larger veins are treated prior to smaller branches of vessels. To this point, radiofrequency ablation is an ideal precursor to treatments such as sclerotherapy or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy that are used to treat invisible webs of problematic veins runner much deeper below the surface of the skin.

Radiofrequency Ablation Vein Removal Treatment

Dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution to vein treatment, a call into the Laser Lipo and Vein Center begins by scheduling a consultation to help understand and address your specific needs. During this visit, the specifics surrounding preliminary diagnosis procedures are explained as well as a thorough overview of potential procedural options. The number of treatments and type of plan required vary from patient to patient and we work hard to customize your experience for optimal convenience and comfort. Discussions may be limited to a single treatment option such as radiofrequency ablation as a solution to problematic vein conditions or may extend to multi-step visits including follow up procedures to target smaller veins utilizing sclerotherapy or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. Patients are encouraged to use this time to speak freely with physicians concerning questions, treatment preferences as well as any and all concerns.

Because Radiofrequency Ablation Vein Removal Treatment involves medical procedures that often treat symptomatic vein conditions, the cost of services are highly likely to be covered by insurance companies. Make sure to ask ahead of time and see if your plan includes vein treatment services. For those scheduling with primarily aesthetic results in mind, procedures focus exclusively on spider vein removal tend to fall under the cosmetic category and may not be covered.