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Enhancing Skin Volume with Injectables & Dermal Fillers in St. Louis

Enhancing Skin Volume with Injectables & Dermal Fillers in St. Louis Stopping Volume Loss with Dermal and Lip Fillers in St. Louis

Our faces are an undeniable window to the world around us. The face is what others most likely notice first upon meeting and it’s the primary physical feature for sharing expression to fit any given scenario. Similarly, the face is often looked to as an indicator of age. For these reasons and so many others, it’s important to the vast majority of individuals to keep their face looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible. The early development of wrinkles or age spots can be a discouraging situation where the outside of the body doesn’t reflect the youthfulness that’s felt inside. One solution for all these problems are dermal fillers.

One of the main causes behind the development of these stressful lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet is an overall loss of volume across facial skin. Volume loss is a natural part of aging but can also be provoked by exposure to UV rays and other harmful elements over an extended period of time. Fighting the effects of volume may seem overwhelming at first glance but incredible advancements in the field of cosmetic technology mean that reversing the effects of volume loss are now as simple as a customized combination of cosmetic injectables accompanied by lip and dermal fillers.

Botox therapy

A Personalized Approach to Skin Volume Rejuvenation

When it comes to cosmetic injectables and lip and dermal fillers, there truly isn’t a one size fits all approach to treatment or care.

Deciding on the right type of filler and injectable can be overwhelming. Fillers and injectables come in many forms and treatments and deciding which is right for you should always begin with a thorough consultation and exam with a cosmetic professional in order to determine the product that can best achieve your desired results. Whether you’re looking to highlight your natural bone structure, increase volume, or decrease deep lines and wrinkles, there’s a solution for you.

It’s important that patients work alongside a cosmetic professional that understands the importance of evaluating where facial volume is most prominent and working on a long-term solution to target those particular areas. For some patients, wrinkles and loss of definition occur more noticeably around the eyes. For others, sagging begins to occur around the jawline before it shows up anywhere else.

Those who lose a significant amount of volume around the mouth tend to have the appearance of a frown while the loss of volume in the cheeks can create a look of significant fatigue. Fillers and injectables applied everyone can lead to an unnatural final appearance, however, a careful approach to targeting problem areas is sure to leave patients looking renewed, rejuvenated and with a fuller and more youthful look in the end.


Advantages to Fillers and Cosmetic Injectables

While the successful results associated with lip fillers and injectables are a big draw for patients looking to achieve more voluminous facial skin and overall appearance, the non-invasive nature of many of these techniques is also a great advantage for patients. Many patients that elect this option as a solution to skin restoration can do so in an out-patient capacity in the comfort of an attending physician’s office during regular working hours. Fillers can be used to address a wide range of facial features and areas. A skilled injector will focus on the areas around the face to return the face to its rounder and more youthful shape.

Areas to Treat with Facial Injections Fillers

Chin: To address the appearance of your chin and/or lower face, fillers can highlight your bone structure in this area. A small or recessed chin can give the appearance of a double chin. Volume loss around the chin increase line or wrinkle formation on the lower face especially around the mouth.

Chin Filler Cosmetic Services St Louis

Cheeks: Fill hallow areas in the cheek or mid-facial areas, help lift sagging skin, or fill the area to increase volume and lift. As we age the cheeks lose volume and the volume loss leads to skin sagging and wrinkle formation on the face. Loss of cheek volume causes the nasolabial fold to increase and as the skin on the cheeks falls it leads to jowls forming on the lower face and the lines appearing around the mouth.  Plumping the cheek up with a filler is one quickest way to make the face look younger.

Radiesse Facial Fillers Before After

Jaw Line: Often used to strengthen the jawline, improve “double chin” appearance, define a jawline, or address symmetry in this area.  A lax jawline causes the skin in the center of the face to loosen and sag. A firm jawline helps some look fit and confident and is a must for people who want to look their best on video calls.

Jawline Filler Before and After Picture
Picture of before and after of filler in the jawline.

Tear Trough and Under Eyes: Treat wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines around the eyes. The deep crease between the lower eyelids and upper cheek often thought as a “shadow” under your eyes or referred to when you have “bags under your eyes”, making you appear tired. As we lose volume in our cheeks the fat pad under the eyes becomes more visible and that is what looks like bags.  Filling in the hallow trough returns the fullness to the center of the face smooths out and connects the underlying fat pads giving a youthful and refreshed appearance.

Tear Through Under Eye Botox Fillers Near Me

Lips: Increase volume and looks of “suppleness”, adjust the shape of the top, bottom, or both lips, create great symmetry, add a “lip flip” on the top lip, or use fillers to help with wrinkles and sagginess of the lips. Note: Can be used at the same time in the mouth area (below).

versa lip filler cosmetic services st louis

Mouth: Similar to the lips, use fillers to address fine lines around the lips and mouth, sagging skin, wrinkles, frown lines, or improve symmetry in this area.

Belotero Balance Wrink or Bold Lips

Marionette Lines: These are a good example of hard lines around the mouth – these are long, vertical lines that often run down the face from the corner of the mouth down towards the chin.

Nasolabial Folds: Similar to Marionette lines, nasolabial folds are deep, indented lines in the face that typically begin at the nose, and run down (horizontally) towards the corners of the mouth.

Nasolabial Folds Cosmetic Service Fillers St Louis

Temples: Treat sunken temples and lost volume in the temple area, soften sharpened edges, and use fillers to replace lost tissue or fat volume in this area to avoid an “angular” appearance.

In the majority of cases, the solution lies in a combination of products that each works to create a smooth, full effect at the point of injection. Rest assured that Dr. Wright has put together an experienced and passionate team to partner with you through the process, and will work with you to get your desired result. Below are several options, and we highly encourage that you schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and what will work best.

Types of Injectables and Fillers

Picking and choosing just the right type of filler and injectable begins with a thorough consultation and exam with a cosmetic professional in order to determine the product that can best achieve the desired results. In the majority of cases, the solution lies in a combination of products that each works to create a smooth, full effect at the point of injection.

Botox is a popular option for those patients that are looking for soft-looking results. Botox is injected regularly as a series to target wrinkles that cause patients to look tired or worn out. Botox relaxes muscles at the injection point so that they naturally smooth out and remain that way until the next set of injections.

Juvederm is an injectable that targets the development of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. This highly precise injection is a filler that comes with the added benefit of long-lasting results.

Radisse is an even more specific product choice for patients that struggle with volume loss around the mouth, while those that choose to use Restylane will enjoy the benefit of increased Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) after injections, meaning a stronger collection of cell surface proteins.

Dysport is considered a close equivalent to Botox with a slightly different formulation to work well with different skin types. Xeomin is often selected by patients looking to improve the look of wrinkles that line the forehead while Bolotero is the product of choice for patients looking to treat problem areas concentrated around the lips, nose and even the neck.

Neurotoxins are injected to block the nerve impulse that controls the movement of muscles in the treatment area, restricting the ability of those facial muscles from contracting. This treatment is often used to help smooth out areas of the face that suffer from wrinkles or deep lines, such as frown lines, brow lines, or crows feet. Neurotoxins interrupt nerve signals, the affected muscles are temporarily “frozen”, and as a result, some wrinkles may be reduced or softened. This treatment is non-permanent, provides natural-looking results, and can be repeated as desired over time.

After you’ve determined the treatment areas you’d like to focus on, our team can provide options that work best for your comfort level, budget, and desired outcome.

Before and Afters

Tear Through and Under the Eyes Filler, Before and After


As an outpatient procedure, the risks associated with injectables and lip fillers are very low. Patients often enjoy a quick and semi-painless procedure made even more comfortable with the addition of topical anesthetic if requested. At most, patients report experiencing minimal bruising, bleeding or swelling at the injection site which is likely to disappear within a day or two following the procedure with the help of over the counter pain killers. Many patients return to their everyday activities shortly after receiving treatment and make the injection series a part of a monthly or bi-monthly routine as recommended by their physician.

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