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Face-Tite™ What is Face Tite ?


The natural process of aging produces wrinkles and fine-lines that are visibly noticeable on the face, particularly around the corners of the eyes and mouth. As skin ages, there is a reduction of overall elasticity that can lead to the appearance of jowls around the jawline or noticeable drooping around eyebrows and eyelids. Men and women who are displeased with the physical appearance of these changes will often turn to cosmetic services as a route to rejuvenating skin and achieving an overall more youthful appearance, especially with FaceTite.

In the past, many cosmetic surgeons would generally recommend a face or neck lift to patients looking to correct these natural developments. While the procedure required incisions and a significant period of recovery, it was also a successful approach to lifting, tightening and smoothing facial skin. In recent years, significant advances in the field of cosmetic technology have led to the arrival of an FDA approved-device known as FaceTite. As part of the greater family of Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology, FaceTite successfully treats smaller areas of the face and neck without requiring large incisions and accompanied by a rapid recovery time.

FaceTite Treatment Approach


RFAL is a method that combines the benefits of high-frequency energy waves alongside liposuction contouring to provide immediate and successful aesthetic results for patients. Where traditional liposuction leaves room for potential wrinkling of the skin at the site of treatment, RFAL tightens skins as fat deposits are removed, eliminating the need for follow up skin lifts or augmentations.

FaceTite is performed with an RAFL hand-held device that is managed by an attending physician. The device consists of a top prong with a small electrode on the end and a lower liposuction cannula. A physician first applies local anesthetic to the area to be treated to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure for the patient. The cannula end of the FaceTite device is then inserted directly into the fat cells below the surface of the skin while the electrode probe hovers above the surface. The intensity of high-frequency energy waves is controlled by the physician using the FaceTite base unit and as energy flows between the device and the skin, fat deposits are quickly and safely liquified. The cannula inserted under the skin works to immediately extract liquified fat deposits through suction while precision heat waves tighten skin throughout the procedure.

Energy images show the path the energy follows the colors indicate the intensity of heating that occurs

Procedural Safety

Face Tite is highly effective and extremely safe, avoiding many of the risks associated with far more invasive surgeries patients undergo to achieve similar results. The exclusive use of local anesthetic means that patients who elect to have FaceTite treatments eliminate all risk associated with general anesthesia including the potential for depressed respiratory function during the course of a surgery. FaceTite is an outpatient procedure that is conveniently carried out in a physician’s office, allowing patients to leave for home the very same day. This means there is no risk to patients of acquiring infections due to lengthy hospital stays or during surgery.

The use of a small cannula as opposed to a large incision point means patients enjoy a speedy recovery with most reporting nothing more than minimal bruising or swelling following the procedure. As oppose to the several weeks of restricted mobility that can accompany a lengthy hospital stay or invasive surgery, FaceTite sees patients returning to normal daily activity with 1 to 2-days following treatment. While FaceTite technology allows for the liquifying of fat and heating of subcutaneous tissue, there is no risk of burns to patients as the base unit is crafted with internal safeguards that protect from overheating.


Steps to Getting Started with FaceTite

Those patients who desire to contour specific areas of the face and regain a more youthful appearance with FaceTite treatments are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center with Dr. Wright and his team of cosmetic professionals. An initial consultation allows Dr. Wright to examine both a new patient as well as review their full medical history before creating a customized treatment plan. It’s important that patients understand the many options available when it comes to cosmetic alteration and Dr. Wright values the time a consultation allows for as a place to discuss procedural specifics and answer any questions a patient might have before they elect a specific approach. All cosmetic alterations impact a patient’s physical appearance and emotional well-being. Both are taken into account by the understanding staff at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center where patients are encouraged to maintain an open dialogue with Dr. Wright concerning preferences, concerns or hesitations.

Understanding the Cost of Care

Patients will be informed as to the cost of treatment prior to undergoing any procedure. Patients who are having FaceTite treatments will find that the total cost is dependent upon the amount of fat that must be removed as well as the number of treatments required to achieve the patient’s desired results. It’s important for patients to contact their insurance providers prior to treatment to see what portion of the cost may be covered.

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