What is Face Tite ?

Face Tite is a new FDA approved device used in liposuction procedures on smaller areas on the face.  It uses Radio Frequency energy to tighten, smooth and lift the targeted problem area on the face or neck. The device uses the patented Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction or RFAL technology, which is a computer controlled system.

How does Face-Tite work?

RFAL hand pieceThe Face-Tite hand piece has two active probes that are at the end of arms radiating from a handle. One probe is placed in the fatty layer of tissue inside the patient and the other probe rests on top of the skin on the outside. Both probes send Radio Wave energy to heat the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Because the probe works like opposite poles of a battery they control flow and temperature. The base unit controls the temperature and flow through the hand piece.

thermal camera on RFAL
Energy images show the path the energy follows the colors indicate the intensity of heating that occurs

Where Can Face-Tite work?

Face Tite can be used to tighten and lift precise areas like below the eyes, the brow, cheek, chin and jowls.  It smooths and tightens areas with results that rival a face-lift but without the recovery time or the scars that go with face lift.  The face tight uses small cannulas that leave at most a tiny incision. The downtime is much less than that of a traditional surgery usually only a few days. Learn more about Face Tite at http://rfalipo.com/

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