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Body Tite

Body Tite Sculpt and Tighten your Body with Body-Tite!

Body-Tite is a new Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction RFAL device that sculpts, tightens and lifts problem areas on the body. Body-Tite offers a solution to many of the trickiest problems with liposuction.  Liposuction is a great way to sculpt or remove fat under the skin where there is an area of excess; however, this can result in loose skin in the treated area.


Some areas, such as the upper arms, inner thighs, over the knees, and lower abdomen can be particularly susceptible to loose skin after liposuction. Traditionally the only solution to achieve maximum tightness in the skin has been to undergo open surgical procedures such as a thigh lift for front or inner thighs and abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” for the lower abdomen. The problem with thigh lift and tummy tuck surgeries is they leave large scars.  With the Body-Tite RFAL, the skin is tightened significantly as the fat is removed, which minimizes the chance of loose skin after liposuction and it leaves tiny or no scars.

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Breast Lift with RFAL (No Scars!)

Traditional Breast reduction or lift surgeries require a long scar on the front of the breasts. A new and promising area for Body-Tite RFAL is breast reduction and lift.   Because of the significant skin tightening that occurs with the Body-Tite RFAL we can remove fat from breasts and provide a lift in a minimally invasive way. This is particularly exciting because the Body-Tite RFAL does not require incisions – only a tiny puncture that heals with minimal scarring.  As a result, breast lift and reduction with RFAL does not have the long scars that traditional breast lift and reductions have.


How does Body-Tite Work?

InModeRF-Skin-Heat-1Body-Tite uses Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction RFAL technology to both melt fat and tighten skin simultaneously.  The handpiece has two probes that project out of the handle. One is a long blunt probe that looks much like a liposuction cannula, but smaller. However, instead of the cannula being hollow the RFAL probe cannula is solid and delivers Radio wave energy.

The second probe is wider and flat. The long thin probe goes inside the body and the wider flat probe rest on the outside of the body. The two probes function like poles of a battery that control the flow of energy between them. The handpiece is connected to a computer in the base unit that controls the flow of energy between the two poles.

How Much Skin Tightening Body-Tite?

In a study on upper arms, which often have problems with loose skin after liposuction, Body-Tite RFAL had 33.5% reduction in the skin surface area. In another study on the lower abdomen, which compared regular tumescent liposuction Body-Tite RFAL, similar amounts of fat were removed in the area treated with regular liposuction resulting in an 8.3% skin surface area reduction, but the area treated with Body-Tite RFAL liposuction had 26% surface area reduction at 1 year. [2] That is 4 times the skin tightening with Body-Tite compared to liposuction alone.

To put this into perspective of how the RFAL Body-Tite compares to other laser liposuction like SmartLipo can give an average 15 % skin area reduction. This means that  RFAL Body-Tite gives 3 times the tightening compared to SmartLipo and 4 times the tightening compared to liposuction alone. Learn more about Body Tite at

skin tightening after RFAL
1. Diane Duncan, Improving Outcomes in Upper Arm Liposuction: Adding Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction to Induce Skin Contraction Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2012. 32(1) 84–95 DOI: 10.1177/1090820X11429549

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