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Fat Transfer St Louis

Fat Transfer St Louis Fat Transfer to Face, Buttocks, or Breast

Have you ever wished you could move the fat from your thighs to your chest? Shift the fat from your belly to your buttocks?  If you have, you’re not the only one who feels this way.  It’s a feeling as old as our first self-awareness.  Ever since we have been self-aware humans from every culture and civilization have sought improvements in our physical appearance.  Fortunately, over the last 20 years, our fat transfer to face and fat transfer to buttocks in Missouri procedures have fast become the norm more than ever before!

The Fat Transfer Process:

  1. Removal or harvesting of fat from body areas that have excess or unwanted fat
  2. Treating the fat to improve its chances of survival
  3. Grafting or sculpting the fat in the desired body area to beautifully enhance the profile and shape of that area.

The process is basically a merge of two techniques: liposuction and soft tissue augmentation with fat.

Step One:

Resembling traditional liposuction, fat transfers are done much more gently to preserve the fat. To extricate the fat cells in the most effective way, no lasers are used, neither are ultrasounds used, which could harm the fat cells. The liposuction cannula that is used has small holes to extract the fat in small amounts so that when they are used in the augmentation and sculpting step they go in smoothly and are never far from a blood supply, which ensures the best chance of survival for fat cells.

anterior face after-min anterior face before-min

FFImage001-min FFImage002-min FFImage003-min FFImage004-min

FFImage005-min FFImage006-min FFImage007-min FFImage008-min

Actual Patients – Individual Results May Vary


In the past, techniques were forceful and speedy, which would in turn damage the fat cells. The tumescent technique on the other hand, provides a gentler and safer approach. Small ballpoint-sized cannulas are used with diluted local anesthetics. These smaller cannulas and gentler technique take more time but are critical to get the best survival and optimal results.

FFImage003FFImage004 FFImage009FFImage010
Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary


Fat removal can come from many areas, and is based on what the individual wants, as well as the amount of fat that is present. Dr. Wright will look for the most practical areas or donor sites like the abdomen, waist and thighs.

Step Two:

The fat cells are concentrated and separated from the anesthetic solution. Then the fat cells are washed with saline to remove any further anesthetic. Just prior to being transferred back into the patient’s body, growth factors from Platelet Rich Plasma PRP) are added to maximize the survival of the fat.

Copy of FFImage005Copy of FFImage006 Copy of FFImage001Copy of FFImage002
Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Step Three:

During the sculpting step, fat cells are injected in small amounts. Each small bead of fat is deposited in a small area.  Much like building a scaffolding, the beads of fat are arranged to create a structure. Gradually over time, the area(s) are enlarged and the 3 -D sculpture emerges.

Fat can be replaced in common areas such as:

Butt Aug 2 Butt Aug 3
Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary


The main benefit with fat transfers is that it feels all-natural. Redistributing fat can also have significant perks in our lives. Nothing is as attractive as confidence, and that’s how you’ll feel when every part, from every angle, is portioned out right. If you’re interested in fat transfer St Louis procedures, then the Laser Lipo and Vein Center can help! Call today to learn more!

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