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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Diolaze Laser Hair Removal St. Louis

If you are looking for a solution for unwanted hair growth, Diolaze Laser hair removal offers just that. Instead of having to take time to shave and pluck hair every day or make regular trips to get painful wax treatments, Diolaze offers a permanent solution so that you can put those days of stubble behind you for good. Unwanted body hair can cause embarrassment and discomfort and can cost a lot of money over time trying to wax, shave it away, or keep it hidden. Laser hair removal is a popular method for getting rid of hair for good because it’s essentially pain-free, reasonably priced and permanent.

Diolaze is an advanced laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. Diolaze technology combines high peak power and pulsing to target the hair follicle at the root. Using a handheld device, the laser professional will navigate the laser over the area delivering a diode laser beam through the skin to the base of the root, thus destroying the follicle and keeping it from growing back. The Diolaze instrument has what’s known as a “chill tip” which keeps it from getting hot, thus providing a comfortable experience for the patient. Though it depends on how big the surface area of treatment is, most sessions can be completed in under half an hour and requires no downtime afterward.

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How Does Diolaze Work?

Diolaze uses the latest advancements in hair removal laser technology to permanently remove body hair, no matter where you have it (we also offer pubic laser hair removal). It’s also the very first laser to combine optimal pulsing and high peak power to treat large areas and especially stubborn hair. The trained laser professional uses a handheld device and navigates it over the areas of the body where hair growth is the most troublesome. As the device moves over the skin it emits a powerful diode laser beam through the skin to the source of the hair follicle’s root destroying the root and preventing future growth. The Diolaze device is equipped with a “chill tip” which cools the instrument making the procedure more comfortable and virtually pain free for the patient.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results will vary patient to patient but there will be a drastic difference even after only a couple of treatments. Hair growth will be significantly hindered if not stopped altogether in the treated area. It’s recommended that you complete a minimum of 4-6 sessions to ensure that the hair growth has been completely stopped. All the hair follicles in any given area are in various stages of growth at any point in time, so multiple sessions will further guarantee that all the hair follicles have been treated entirely.

Before and After Diolaze Laser Hair Removal In St Louis

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

What Risks Are Associated With Diolaze?

Diolaze is considered a very low risk treatment. It’s completely non-invasive, and the process takes minutes to perform. Daily activities can be resumed the same day and the treatment itself is virtually pain free.

How Much Does Diolaze Cost?

Diolaze costs will depend on a number of factors including the hair growth of the individual patient (how much hair needs to be treated, how thick it is, etc.), how large of an area is being treated and how many areas are going to be treated. Patients are encouraged to schedule a no charge consultation with one of our estheticians to discuss their individual circumstances and determine costs.

If you’re interested in laser hair removal St. Louis procedures, or wish to learn more about pubic laser hair removal, we can help! Contact us today for your consultation! And don’t forget to ask about our other procedures, such as liposuction and vein treatments!

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