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Varicose Vein Treatment St. Louis Overview

Varicose Vein Treatment St. Louis Overview Removal in St. Louis

Quick Tips About Varicose Veins

  • Varicose Vein Causes Include Pregnancy, Weakened Veins Caused by Age, and Disease
  • Dr. Wright Offers Many Treatments Such as EVLT, Sclerotherapy, and RFA
  • Varicose Vein Treatments Offer Quick Recovery Times and Few Side Effects
  • 40% of Women and 18% of Men in the US Suffer From Varicose Veins
  • Stop SufFering from Varicose Veins Today; Call Dr. Wright!

Causes of Varicose Veins

Many people think varicose veins are caused by standing too long, or are due to extreme exercise, or that they just develop as a part of old age. Actually, varicose veins are caused by a disease in the major leg vein at the top of the leg which is called the greater saphenous vein.

Vein disease affects people as young as 20. Heredity is the most important factor in vein disease, followed by gender, and age. Women have a higher incidence of varicose vein disease; up to 40% of all women and 18% of all men will suffer from vein reflux disease to some degree. Women are more susceptible in part due to female hormones affecting the vein walls, especially during pregnancy when there is also a temporary increase in blood pressure and volume in the veins. Age is a factor because vein walls lose elasticity, causing the valves in veins to work less effectively. If you fall into any of these risk categories, we recommend seeing our vein specialist in St. Louis.

Varicose Veins center

Anatomy of Leg Veins

Leg anatomy showing varicose veins

The greater saphenous vein is the major vessel in the superficial venous system, running from the groin to the ankle. This vein branches into many tributaries and connects to the Deep Vein System at a number of points through vessels known as perforator veins. The most common medical origin of varicose veins is known as reflux of the greater saphenous vein.

Within all veins are a series of one-way valves that assure blood flow in the direction of the heart. Reflux relates to a failure of these one-way valves. Blood flows backwards, pooling and stretching walls of the veins in the lower leg. This can lead to the unsightly blue, bulging and painful veins known as varicose veins.

Development of Vein Reflux Disease

There are other factors that are associated with varicose veins that can speed the development of this disease and make them worse but do not cause it. These include obesity, prolonged standing, and physical trauma. Patients can change lifestyle to address these secondary factors and may be able to slow down the development of vein reflux disease. Unfortunately, in most cases if you have inherited the problem, there is little which can be done to avoid it. It then becomes necessary to remove varicose veins using one of the many new treatment options. Today’s varicose vein treatments in St. Louis are minimally invasive and require very little downtime. Surprised?

Receive Varicose Vein Treatment St. Louis the “Wright” Way

Dr. Wright is the leading vein doctor in St. Louis. His minimally invasive varicose vein treatment in St. Louis is designed to help varicose veins removal in the most comfortable way possible. Stop suffering with painful veins! To see Dr. Wright, a top vein specialist in St. Louisschedule an appointment today.

Additional Varicose Vein Information:

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 Varicose Veins in various stages

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