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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


  • We’re not only an in-network provider for all the local health insurers, we’ve also got the lowest contracted fee for providers.
  • We are a full-service vein center, which enables us to provide you full diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment. No facility fees, radiologist fees, or anesthesia fees.
  • We have a full-time employee who works with the insurance companies and helps patients navigate insurance, maximizing your benefits.
  • We offer cash / financing options

Comprehensive Vein Center

  • We provide comprehensive care of vein disease in one convenient location. From consultation to diagnosis, treatment through follow-up visits, you are seen by our doctor.
  • Each patient’s care is tailored to their diagnosis meaning no extra treatments, no one-size-fits-all thinking.

Highly Regarded Physician

  • Dr. Wright is a medical doctor who specializes in Phlebology and is board certified in the care and treatment of the venous system.
  • He has years of experience with a proven track record of excellent results.
  • Dr. Wright has been named Top Phlebologist in the nation by HealthTap and voted on by esteemed peers such as Dr. Morison, Dr. King, and many others.  He is consistently voted a Patient’s Choice Award winner and Most Compassionate Doctor by his patients.
  • Dr. Wright conducts research to further our understanding of vein disease and to improve the specialty.  He has won numerous awards and been recognized by his peers for his research.

Excellent Patient Experience

  • Our staff is highly trained and friendly.  They give a personal touch and treat patients as honored guests.
  • Phone calls are answered by our staff and after-procedure check-up calls are made by a nurse.
  • Our locations are convenient and discreet.

Effective Lipo in St. Louis

  • Tumscent liposuction procedure is performed, which is the safest procedure.  It uses local anesthetic only meaning there is no risk or side effects of general anesthetic.
  • Tumescent lipo in St. Louis provides a fast recovery with less bruising and downtime.  Because the patient is awake, Dr. Wright is necessarily gentle and able to move and position the patient normally to gauge symmetry.
  • Dr. Wright trained with Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor of the tumescent liposuction procedure and regularly attends Master Classes.
  • Dr. Wright has been performing the procedure for 10+ years and has performed hundreds of procedures on happy patients who experienced great outcomes.
  • Procedures are performed in our office meaning there are no consultation fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, pre- or post-op fees.
  • Your personal consultation is with Dr. Wright, and together you discuss your needs and goals.
  • Dr. Wright is among the lowest total cost for the procedure in the St. Louis area.  Financing available through CareCredit.
  • Unlike surgery centers or hospitals that run through 1 or 2 patients per hour, we see only one patient on the day of lipo in St. Louis. This means for highly individualized attention by our skilled staff.