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The “Flab Jab” Becoming Popular for Reduction of Double Chins


As we enter the New Year, we are expecting a number of new surgical and non-surgical treatments to become available. One of the newest and most exciting treatments is nicknamed the “Flab Jab”.  Many seek to have a more defined jawline and neckline. A new injectable treatment — Kybella — is expected to do double or sagging chins what Botox does for wrinkles. Hence, the name Flab Jab.

Kybella Surges To the Forefront

Kybella received approval from the FDA last spring and subsequently hit the headlines. The injections were first introduced to select surgeons in 2015 and created quite the buzz. Many patients suffering from double chins seek liposuction to correct this problem area. However, Kybella is being used as an alternative to lipo. Client testimonials have also said that their doctors are suggesting Kybella rather than liposuction.

What is Kybella?

The Kybella procedure involves a series of injections of a solution of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps the body absorb unwanted fat. The injections break down and dissolve the fat, which is the naturally absorbed by the body.

The number of visits, and number of injections required, will vary from patient to patient. However, most patients will undergo about 12 to 20 injections in a single visit, with the majority requiring about two to three visits. Some patients, depending on their individual cases, can require up to 50 injections during a session, and up to six treatments. The manufacturer of Kybella, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, has stated that most patients will actually see great results within two to four sessions.

Kybella can also be used with other products or procedures to eliminate sagging skin or an overall tightening and firming of the chin area to create an overall better profile of the chin area.  Potential side effects of Kybella are similar to other injectables and include minor swelling, pain, and possible firmness in the injection site. Additionally, some may feel some numbness that will usually resolve itself naturally.

Dr. Wright, medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein says, “We are excited to be able to offer Kybella to our patients as an alternative to liposuction to reduce the appearance of a double chin.” He continues by saying, “Each procedure, Kybella or lipo, are great alternatives, and we will discuss each with individual patients to find the one that is right for them.”

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