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St. Louis Kybella Treatment

St. Louis Kybella Treatment New Treatment for Double Chins

If you are seeking a way to get rid of that double chin, we at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center would like to introduce our St. Louis Kybella treatment. This new, non-surgical procedure is an injection-based treatment recently approved by the FDA. To learn more about the St. Louis Kybella treatment, read below.

Our St LouisTreatment, Before and After
Kybella Double Chin Treatment Before and After

What is Kybella Treatment?

Kybella, developed and manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, is a non-animal, non-human type of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally within the body, and has been shown to help the body absorb unwanted fat.

Kybella treatment actually works by destroying unwanted fat cells. These injections are an alternative to chin liposuction or other surgical methods that are often used to eliminate a double chin. Because chin liposuction is an injection, many will find this treatment to be a better option for them that a surgical approach.

How Many Treatment Visits Are Needed?

As with other injectables, the number of visits will vary from patient to patient, with the entire process requiring several visits. The majority of patients will need about 12 to 20 injections during a single visit, and most requiring between two to three visits. These treatments are spaced approximately one month apart.

Some individuals, depending on their individual case, can require up to 50 injections during a visit, and up to six visits. St. Louis Kybella developer, Kythera, says that most many patients will attain satisfactory results within two to four visits.

Front View of our St Louis Kybella Procedure Results
Side View of our Kybella - Before and After

Can Sagging Skin Be Eliminated with Kybella?

There is some debate as to whether Kybella treatment actually can help reduce sagging skin. Some reports do indicate that some patients have experienced some reduction in the look of sagging skin. Kybella can be used effectively with other products or procedures that have been proven to eliminate sagging skin to provide an overall tightening, firmer look of the chin area.

Are There any Side Effects of Kybella Treatment?

As with other injectables, Kybella can come with some minor side effects such as swelling, pain, or firmness of the injection sites. In addition, some clients may experience some numbness in the area that will usually resolve itself.

Front View of our St Louis Double Chin Treatment Results of our Incredible Double Chin Treatment

Dr. Wright is experienced and knowledgeable in the proper administration of Kybella. In fact, he has trained other doctors and healthcare professionals in its proper procedural steps. If you want an effective double chin treatment that can help you achieve a firmer, more youthful look, give us a call at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center. During a complimentary consultation, we will discuss with you how our St. Louis Kybella Treatment and other options can help you get your desired results. Click here to contact us!