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Forma Skin Tightening in St Louis

Forma Skin Tightening in St Louis Benefits of Forma Skin Tightening

Skin provides the protection we need to thrive, but there are a number of factors that can affect skin’s overall elasticity and overall appearance with the passage of time. Many men and women suffer from the aesthetic effects of sagging or loose skin that is often the results of external factors such as exposure to UV rays. Similarly, the natural aging process causes dramatic changes in the skin as the levels of collagen and elastin produced drop over time. For many women, sagging skin becomes an issue after childbirth. For both men and women who work hard to reduce overall body fat, significant weight loss can prove frustrating in the excess skin pockets it leaves behind. This can be a frustrating side effect of the hard work that’s been put into becoming a healthier individual. Where a healthy diet and regular exercise can often make an enormous impact on muscle tone, these efforts are unfortunately often ineffective at reversing the effects of sagging skin.For individuals looking for a safe and effective solution to tightening and firming skin, the field of cosmetic technology has blossomed in recent years. Over time, patients continue to find they have more and more options when it comes to less invasive and more efficient procedures. When it comes to tightening skin across the body and treating wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, jowls prospective patients are turning more frequently to the many benefits associated with Forma – St Louis skin tightening procedure.

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Understanding Forma Skin Tightening Treatments

Forma is an FDA-approved skin tightening treatment that utilizes radio frequency technology to help treat loose skin and the development of wrinkles. As radio frequency waves are directed at certain areas of the body, deep layers of the skin are heated to a point of contraction which ultimately stimulates collagen production and over time, improves skin’s elasticity and smooth appearance. Forma provides the attending technician or physician the versatility of switching out applicator sizes meaning Forma is just as beneficial when it comes to treating areas such as the knees, arms or abdomen as it is at positively tightening the skin around the delicate areas surrounding the eyes and mouth.

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Administering Forma Skin Tightening Treatments

Patients who elect Forma skin tightening treatments will enjoy the benefit of an outpatient procedure that can be performed in the comfort of a medical office. Once the areas to be treated have been clearly marked, Forma is administered using a handheld device that sends radio frequency energy deep into the skin. Once the desired layer is reached, this energy is transformed into regulated heat and works to promote the production of collagen. For patients looking for a procedure that comes with minimal discomfort, Forma proves to be a mild experience that is often reported to be painless. At most, patients report feeling a warmness at the treatment area and the non-invasive nature of this type of treatment means patients are free to return to their daily activities immediately following a treatment session. While many patients can expect to see visible results after only one treatment, it is often recommended that patients put a long-term plan into place to maintain optimal results. For many individuals, this consists of at least five to eight sessions spaced one to two weeks apart.

Safety Factors

Because Forma is a non-invasive treatment option, patients who elect this procedure to tighten skin enjoy an experience that does not involve any of the risks associated with a lengthy hospital stay, general or local anesthesia or prolonged downtime following treatment. While some patients experience slight redness and swelling after treatment, this generally disappears within a day or two and can be treated with over the counter pain medication as needed.


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Cost Considerations

As with all cosmetic procedures, the final bill associated with Forma treatments will vary between patients according to the size and severity of the area being treated as well as the number of sessions required to achieve successful results. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is here to help walk patients through the many payment and financing plans available through the clinic. In comparison to the costs associated with traditional face lifts or tummy tucks, Forma is considerably less expensive and is a popular choice amongst patients looking for similar results within a more modest budget.

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Those prospective patients who are considering the benefits of Forma St Louis skin tightening treatment will want to make the first steps towards change by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Wright at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center. Our comprehensive approach to patient care means we take the time to make sure every patient enjoys a thorough consultation in order to provide a personalized, safe and successful skin tightening St Louis treatment plan.

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