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Fractora and FLR Treatments

Fractora and FLR Treatments Choosing Between Fractora and Fraction Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Laser skin resurfacing treatments offer the most advanced technology for improving the texture, elasticity and overall appearance of the skin’s surface without requiring the patient to go under the knife to enjoy substantial improvements. Though both the Fractora resurfacing treatment and other Fractional resurfacing treatments are continuing to grow in popularity, there are some marked differences between these two beneficial laser treatments that patients should be aware of beforehand to make certain they’re considering the best option for their circumstances. Here is some more information about our St. Louis resurfacing treatments.

Pros and Cons of Fractora Skin Resurfacing vs Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractora skin resurfacing technique is ideal for treating areas of the skin that may not respond as well to other skin resurfacing methods. Cheeks, eyelids, the neck, and the décolletage benefit from the Fractora method because it causes minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Fractora is known for patients experiencing little discomfort or side effects during healing aside from some mild reddening of the skin and some possible slight swelling.

Fractora treatments are able to penetrate much deeper beneath the skin’s surface than laser skin resurfacing options with Fraction laser treatments. Reaching levels of 2000 microns deep, Fractora can really target damaged cells and encourage regeneration through heat therapy whereas other Fraction treatments only reach 200 µm beneath the skin’s surface. Fractional laser skin resurfacing costs are also significantly more expensive that Fractora treatments which is another reason many doctors and patients choose Fractora as the main resurfacing treatment. Fractora use radiofrequency energy to deliver heat to the various layers of the skin with the use of a hand-held device and a series of small pins which target the deepest levels of the dermis.

Fractional resurfacing generally requires fewer treatments than Fractora; however, the treatment is considerably more painful and intense. Fractional resurfacing also requires more downtime due to the longer healing time with this treatment. Furthermore, Fractional lasers are far less ablative and don’t penetrate as deeply as Fractora is able to do through the help of radiofrequency technology.

How to Choose your St. Louis Resurfacing Procedure

The best thing for any potential patient who is considering laser skin resurfacing to do is to schedule a consultation with an experienced doctor who specializes in Fractora or Fractional laser techniques and discuss your specific skin issues and expectations to get a tailored recommendation. Each of these treatments is beneficial for certain circumstances and an experienced laser resurfacing doctor will be able to determine which course of treatment is best for each patient.

Those seeking St. Louis resurfacing options for their skin issues (acne scarswrinkles, sagging skin, and pigmentation problems) will find that one of the most sought after doctors in the area performs Fractora treatments on his patients at his Laser, Lipo & Vein Center in St. Louis Missouri. St. Louis resurfacing patients at Dr. Wright’s office will undergo laser resurfacing treatments through his expert experience in Fractora administration for improved skin tone and texture. Call today for more information about this and our other cosmetic procedures!

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