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Ulthera vs Forma Skin Tightening Techniques

Ulthera vs Forma Skin Tightening Techniques Benefits of Ulthera and Forma Skin Tightening

For both men and women, the effects of natural aging on the skin can be expected yet still distressing. Far too often, changes in skin elasticity leading to sagging pouches or fine lines and wrinkles do not line up with the vibrant, youthful life an individual wants to lead. With sagging skin and wrinkles often being associated with age, these changes may also not fall in line with the image of energy that an individual wants to portray. While loose or changing skin is most commonly a natural process as elastin and collagen production slows, it may also be the result of significant weight loss. For men and women who have worked hard to work down to a healthy body weight, excess skin around the abdomen, upper arms, chest, and legs can be a frustrating part of the process. Read below to find the best skin tightening technique for your skin!

Patients who fall into either or both of these categories are often looking for the best skin tightening solution that improves the overall look and firmness of the skin. Whether alterations are required around the jowls, eyelids or other areas of the body, patients today enjoy the benefit of a vast portfolio of non-invasive cosmetic options when it comes to skin tightening. Out of these options, Forma skin tightening and Ulthera skin tightening procedures stand out as two of the most popular selections when it comes to achieving successful results. While both Forma and Ulthera have been proven to be highly effective, it’s beneficial for patients to recognize the differences that may help when it comes to customizing a skin tightening treatment plan.

All-Encompassing Benefits

No matter what technique a patient chooses, there are some common benefits that make both Forma and Ulthera skin tightening successful options. Patients should note that both Forma and Ulthera provide the added bonus of a comfortable procedure that is FDA-approved. Patients who undergo both Forma and Ulthera treatments enjoy quick recovery times with minimal side effects that are primarily limited to slight bruising and redness at the treatment area. Both of these are the best skin tightening procedures and they are additionally non-invasive, and the results have been continuously proven to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, tighten skin overall and provide patients with the more youthful appearance they’re looking to achieve.

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Major Differences

Both Forma and Ulthera are used to treat the reduced production of collagen beneath the skin’s surface. The greatest difference lies in how each technique achieves exactly that. Ulthera relies on ultrasound technology to reach damaged tissue and encourage fresh production of collagen that naturally tightens and smooths skin. Alternatively, Forma uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deeper levels of the skin and encourage the same results.

Those patients who elect to use Forma skin tightening often do so due to its longevity on the cosmetic market in comparison to Ulthera and its ability to treat smaller, more specific areas of the body. Forma is administered with small applicators making it easy for a physician to reach delicate areas of the face and body including loose skin around the eyelids. For patients who are seeking treatment that ranges from smaller areas such as the eyes in combination with treatment on the abdomen, legs or arms, the Forma applicator can be switched out for a larger version to meet these versatile needs.

Safety Factors

Both Forma and Ulthera skin tightening treatments have gained popularity amongst patients due to their high-safe and successful approach. As both of these techniques are non-invasive, patients find peace of mind in knowing that are never exposed to the risks associated with a local or general anesthetic, long hospital stays or extended recovery periods. Similarly, patients electing Forma or Ulthera do so with the understanding that downtime is minimal and at most, patients will be faced with one to two days of minimal discomfort associated with redness and swelling at the site of treatment.

Cost of the Best Skin Tightening Treatment

The final bill associated with Forma and Ulthera treatments will vary from patient to patient depending on the size and severity of the area of the body being treated. The number of treatment sessions required to achieve successful results also plays a large financial role. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein center are happy to explain the many options for payment plans and financing that are available through the clinic.

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