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Breast Liposuction & Lifts

Breast Liposuction & Lifts

Both physical and psychological side effects can be closely linked to breast size. For women who live with larger breasts, these side effects can become factors that negatively impact their daily lives. Women suffering from any one of these conditions may find themselves considering taking drastic steps to eliminate or reduce the problem. Where once women turned exclusively to breast reduction surgery, there are now more options available. Breast liposuction is an innovative approach to altering breast size, including breast augmentation in St. Louis, without needing to face extensive and risky hospital stays.

On a physical level, larger breasts can lead to painful conditions such as chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Woman may naturally find themselves using unhealthy postures to compensate for these sensations which can have a negative impact on the spine in the long-term. Similarly, women may find they look for ways to avoid certain physical activities as the excessive movement proves too painful.

Psychologically, women with larger breasts may struggle with negative self-image due to limitations stated above which can lead to reduced confidence levels. Frustration can filter into daily life when tasks such as finding clothes that both fit and flatter the form can become increasingly difficult.

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Procedure Specifics

Over time, a woman’s breasts are naturally comprised of a larger percentage of fat than glandular tissue. Significant increases in fat tend to occur when a woman reaches her forties and this change can ultimately lead to a number of detrimental health conditions. Breast liposuction is a safe and efficient solution for women looking to reduce breast fat alongside associated health risks.

Breast liposuction is an innovative method that utilizes tumescent liposuction as an approach to fat removal. The procedure requires a performing physician to inject a solution into the affected area that temporarily shrinks surrounding capillaries. This strategy greatly reduces pain, scarring and bleeding throughout and after the procedure.

Once the solution successfully shrinks the surrounding capillaries, the physician will insert a small cannula into the area using a series of small incisions and begin to remove excess fat from the breast through suction. Tumescent liposuction is extremely successful at avoiding important glandular tissue in the breast during the process, promoting breast health post-procedure.

Patients who wish to avoid the invasive process of a surgical mastopexy or breast lift will be pleased with the non-invasive simplicity of breast liposuction. Where invasive surgeries require tissue wedging along with nipple-freeing and re-suturing, breast liposuction reduces the chances of scarring or sensation loss and greatly reduces recovery time.

The Benefits Associated with Choosing Breast Liposuction

Breast liposuction has proven extremely successful over time with results showing an average breast volume and size reduction of nearly 50%. Overall, patients between the ages of 40 and 45 tend to achieve the most successful and reliable results. An added benefit to choosing breast liposuction is the natural rising that occurs once the overall weight of the breast is decreased. While the primary intent of breast liposuction is not to change breast positioning as it might be with surgical breast alteration, patients who undergo breast liposuction do notice a difference. This change may include a raised nipple height averaging approximately one inch. To that point, patients with smaller breast size will want to discuss how these changes may affect them with a physician prior to undergoing treatment.

Benefits of Traditional Breast Lift

While breast liposuction eliminates several of the invasive techniques used in traditional breast augmentation, many patients will still find that a traditional breast lift is the best option for their particular physical goals. It’s important to keep in mind that a traditional breast lift will alter the height of the breast significantly beyond the results of breast liposuction. Those looking to correct sagging or ptosis may find a traditional breast lift to offer more visible corrective results.
Liposuction of breast by Dr. Jeff Klein


Scarless Breast Lift

Breast size and shape are highly personal, and can be affected by changes to body weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and age. As these changes occur, they may also be accompanied by size, shape, and contour of the breast, leading to sagging, ptosis, or dropping. For such a personal area of the body, this can be more than just a nuisance to women it affects.

In the past, the only option for correcting these types of issues was an open surgical breast lift, combined with at least a small amount of breast tissue reduction. However, today there is another option that is less invasive, offers the chance of breast correction without leaving a scar, and is overall a safer procedure for patients wanting to correct some aspect of their breast. This option involved skin tightening and liposuction, through small puncture holes in the skin around the breast.

Breast Liposuction and minimally invasive skin tightening can also correct all sorts of minor breast asymmetry and/or shape. Breasts differ in size or sagginess (for example, when one breast is lower than the other, or one nipple is pointed differently) are very common problems that women seek treatment for, all of which can be solved with a combination of liposuction and skin tightening!

How Does A Scarless Breast Lift Work?

Tumescent liposuction of the breast is performed by our surgeons to reduce the size of the breast and avoid the incisions that are generally placed on the breast with traditional open surgery. Like any liposuction procedure utilizing tumescent liquid to numb the treatment area, a specialized micro-suction tube is inserted through a very small incision and the entire breast is numbed. Gentle suction removes the fat cells through the tube, and the entire procedure takes about 2 hours (or less!). There are no stitches and no downtime – patients leave same-day.

Scarless Breast Lift: Treatment Facts

  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Anesthesia: Local Tumescent
  • Minimally Invasive Outpatient surgery – home the same day
  • Recovery: 3-5 days
  • Side Effects: Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness or nipple sensitivity
  • Final Results take 6 months to one year
  • Improves the droopy appearance
  • Improves symmetry
  • Creates a more youthful shape

Determining Which Approach is Right for You

Weighing the pros and cons of breast alteration is an essential step when determining which approach is best for a patient. It’s essential that patients and physicians spend a significant amount of time discussing both physical and psychological factors before any procedure is performed. Many candidates for breast alteration will find they qualify for both traditional breast lift surgery or breast liposuction. Understanding the benefits of each procedure will help in the decision-making process. While both options ultimately provide a reduction in breast size, there are differences that should be noted. Surgical breast lifts can deliver drastic results in breast positioning but leave significant scarring and require a longer recovery period. Breast liposuction can successfully reduce breast size without surgical scars but should be performed with the expectation of a one to two-inch lift.

When it comes to altering physical appearance, the choice is highly personal. Patients should take the time to research their options and ask questions of their physicians whenever they are considering undergoing a procedure.