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Breast Liposuction in St. Louis

For many women, the physiological and psychological side effects that come with having excessively large breasts have a significant and negative impact on their daily lives. Physically, women with large breasts tend to experience chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as reduced physical activity and an unhealthy posture. Psychologically, a woman with breasts she considers too large can have reduced confidence, negative self-image, and frustration at seemingly simple tasks, such as finding clothing that fits her shape.

If you find yourself suffering from these types of conditions as a result of having large breasts, you may be interested in a form of breast reduction known as breast liposuction. Learn more about breast liposuction in St. Louis down below.

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About the Procedure

Women’s breasts become comprised of a greater percentage of fat than glandular tissue as they age, meaning that by the time a woman reaches her forties, she is carrying a lot of excess fat in her breasts that can lead to health conditions and self-image issues.

With breast liposuction, cutting-edge technology is used to remove this excess fat using a process called tumescent liposuction. Tumescent liposuction employs the use of a solution that shrinks the capillaries in the breasts for a temporary period of time in order to greatly reduce the pain, scarring, and bleeding a patient might experience.

Once the capillaries have been shrunken, a cannula—a small tube used in most forms of liposuction—is inserted into the area of treatment through miniscule incisions and the excess breast fat is removed by suction, completely avoiding the important glandular tissue in the breast. Post-operation, we put a binder over a patient’s breasts.

In contrast, traditional forms of breast reduction such as a surgical mastopexy or surgical breast lift are much more invasive and involve excision of a wedge of breast tissue and freeing the nipple and suturing in place higher up the breast. This is a more traditional surgical procedure leaves significant scars and has a longer recovery. Surgical breast lift can cause side effects that don’t occur with liposuctions such as loss of feeling in the nipples and, or nipple necrosis, loss of feeling in the breast dehiscence of wound closure or skin breakdown. See breast lift surgery diagram.

Benefits of Breast Liposuction

Breast liposuction results in an average breast volume and size reduction of fifty percent, with female patients in the age range of forty to forty-five years achieving the best and most reliable results.

Additionally, breast liposuction has an added side effect of raising the breast naturally, as the decreased weight frees the breast from being pulled downwards. However, breast liposuction is not intended to cause a dramatic rise in breast positioning like breast reduction surgery, so if you have smaller breasts that are prone to sagging or long, pendulous breasts, liposuction of the breast may not be right for you. Women may also experience a raised height of their nipple, averaging about three centimeters (or one inch).

Benefits of Traditional Breast Lift

Traditional breast reduction surgery can lift the breast more than liposuction of the breast can. For breast that have more severe sagging or ptosis, the more traditional breast surgery offers more correction. Also, long tubular breasts have a better cosmetic result from breast lift surgery. See diagram of breast ptosis / sagging.

Liposuction of breast by Dr. Jeff Klein

Which is Right for You?

Many women have with larger breast and moderate breast ptosis or sagging can be good candidates for either a breast lift surgery or breast liposuction. The both offer a reduction in breast size. The surgical breast lift offers the more lift, but has a longer recovery, significant scars and a greater risk of side effects. The breast liposuction can give a good reduction in breast size without surgical scars but can only give a modest lift of an inch or two.

The decision often comes down to which advantages appeal more to you.

Learn More About Breast Liposuction with Laser Lipo and Veins

Your journey to a happier, healthier you begin by speaking to the right medical professionals. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out more information about breast liposuction in St. Louis and other St. Louis cosmetic surgery procedures that might help you.

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