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What Are Fat Transfer Techniques for The Face?

botoxIf you’re like most adults, you may feel uncomfortable in your skin due to uneven fat distribution. If you’re a woman especially, and have undergone pregnancy and other life events that change the way your body looks, it can be challenging to accept this new shape. Even more, as we get older, the fat in our face shrinks, and it may seem like 10 years have been added to our appearance.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. Fat transfers however, promise to help.

It’s a story as old as time itself. Humans from every culture and civilization have searched far and wide for beauty techniques. Now, our advanced society has more tools and technology to accomplish beauty, with little to no pain.
One such way to maintain facial beauty is with fat transfer, and we’ll explain how it works:

How It’s Done

  • First, the surgeon collects small amounts of fat in sites like the abdomen or buttocks.
  • Second, the fat is prepped gently to improve survival levels.
  • Third, the fat is injected into the face, in common areas like the cheeks.

No anesthesia is used to perform the routine of fat transfer, though tumescent solutions may be applied when liposuctioning fat.

The Top Benefits

Fat transfers are one of the most recommended treatment options, because these present a range of benefits, including:

  • Re-shifting fat to even out proportions
  • Using natural fat, rather than botox and other fillers
  • Getting a natural appearance, without the flaws
  • The results stick, no repeats necessary
  • Doing all this with virtually no pain

Where Can You Fill The Fat?

Common areas where fat transfers are applied include:

  • Under the Eyes – to fill out sunken under-eyes that can make you look tired.
  • On The Cheeks – where botox is popularly applied, only this time it’s done with natural fat.

Other areas include the forehead, temples, lips, and more. Ask a local surgeon more on how it’s done and what to expect.

Upgrading Your Looks

Do you share the sentiment that you only live once? Are you ready to embrace the most advanced techniques to restore a youthful appearance, without the intensity of major surgery?
Cosmetic surgeons, as discussed in this article, have studied and innovated new ways to bring back good looks to men and women, with as little fuss as possible.