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Vein Sclerotherapy Treatment

Vein Sclerotherapy Treatment at our St Louis Vein Center

Individuals experiencing unpleasant physical sensations due to vein conditions or are otherwise displeased with the appearance of varicose veins can find comfort in the many procedural solutions available for healing. One of the vein treatment solutions provided at St Louis Vein Center includes vein sclerotherapy. Highly effective in healing symptomatic varicose veins as well as a cosmetic solution to spider veins, vein sclerotherapy may be recommended after a thorough initial evaluation to determine a patient’s overall venous health. Performed in the St. Louis Vein Center office under the supervision of a highly trained physician,  our vein sclerotherapy is performed with a tiny needle that is used to inject the solution sclerosant directly into the problematic veins. Sclerosant irritates the lining of the vein walls ultimately causing them to collapse and close. This procedure does not require the use of full anesthesia and the site of entry is covered with a bandage post-procedure.

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Sclerotherapy at the Vein Center For Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy at St Louis Vein Center for Varicose Veins - How the Procedure Works

While patients who suffer from deep vein issues are generally treated with sclerotherapy as a way to avoid more serious health issues, later on, the procedure is equally as effective for those looking for a cosmetic solution to displeasing spider veins. Spider veins are caused by the dilation of the most superficial veins close to the skin’s surface and can result in an aesthetically displeasing pattern on the legs. Patients should be aware that this type of procedure is often considered purely cosmetic and as such, may not be covered by insurance.

To prepare for cosmetic sclerotherapy in St. Louis to treat spider veins, a vein light is first used to illuminate hidden vessel networks that feed into larger spider veins. Once a larger vein web is mapped, a more accurate procedure can be carried out.  Sclerosant is introduced by a needle to close the veins and eliminate visible symptoms. Because spider veins are smaller, it may be necessary for patients to return for a series of injections to completely close the veins. In combination with the use of compression stockings, most patients see the complete removal of spider veins.

Advantages Of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy Injection is a versatile procedure that successfully treats issues concerning veins of varying sizes. Effective on patients with any skin type or tone, sclerotherapy both eliminates spider veins and results in an overall more pleasing appearance based on patient preference. Minimally invasive, patients enjoy the comfort of having the procedure carried out right in the office at the St Louis Vein Center. The same level of dedicated care and attention can be expected whether sclerotherapy requires a single visit or multiple visits to successfully close the veins. While each injection closes a small portion of a vein, there is a possibility that a vein may reopen requiring a follow-up vein treatment. The professional staff at the St Louis Vein Treatment Center works with each patient on a personal basis to design a customized procedural plan and work with any unexpected treatment that needs to be included.

Treating Veins With Sclerotherapy in St Louis

Once a patient has undergone a complete preliminary evaluation, successful vein treatment procedures require larger veins to be attended to first. Treating conditions such as varicose veins must remain a priority and are often countered using laser ablation. Once these more prominent issues have been tended to, remaining vessel branches much further below the surface of the skin can be treated using ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or general sclerotherapy.

Standard sclerotherapy Injection is effective at treating and removing spider veins and is generally performed without the use of ultrasound guidance. However, when a patient is suffering from veins whose condition could lead to greater medical issues if left unattended, a physician will choose to use ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for a more direct approach to treatment.

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is performed using either a liquid or foam sclerosant. Once injected, the attending physician closely monitors veins during treatment utilizing an ultrasound screen. This approach enables unseen veins that lie below the surface of the skin to be identified, diagnosed and subsequently treated if necessary. One of the greatest advantages to utilizing ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is early detection. If deep veins do require medical attention, it’s more likely to be revealed at an early stage using ultrasound technology in combination with sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy Performed In Our St Louis Vein Center

Personalized Treatment

Treating patients suffering from vein-based conditions, the professionals at the St. Louis Vein Treatment Center understand what it means to deliver top-of-the-line patient care. Solutions should be customized to each patient’s personal situation and our staff makes sure to provide a comprehensive plan each visit. Presenting our patients with options that are minimally invasive, safe and effective we’re on the cutting edge of vein treatment options and our patients continuously benefit from life-changing results.

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Before And After Pictures Of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy Before and After - At St Louis Vein Center Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary
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Sclerotherapy FAQs

Question: Are there any complications involved with Sclerotherapy?


There are numerous adverse sequelae that may arise after sclerotherapy. Some of these may include hyperpigmentation due to iron deposits, temporary swelling, telangiectatic matting (fine, red spider veins that develop in a treated area), localized redness (known as urticaria), cutaneous necrosis, and systemic allergic reactions. Most of these resolve with minimal vein treatment but some can be permanent in a small number of cases.

Question: Why is it necessary to wear Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy?


Compression sclerotherapy is thought to be helpful after sclerotherapy for several reasons. It helps in keeping the treated vessels collapsed and promotes their faster healing and disappearance. It is also thought to offer additional protection against deep vein clotting ( besides ambulation and physical activity), as it prevents stagnation of blood in the legs. There has been at least one good study that showed better cosmetic results for patients who wore compression stockings after sclerotherapy.