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Hand Veins Treatment

Hand Veins Treatment Removal in St. Louis

Hand Veins Before and After Treatment in St. LouisReasons to Consider Hand Vein Removal or Treatment

Hands are an integral part of our everyday lives. Highly visible and extremely necessary, hands are at the core of many social interactions including hand-holding, handshakes and simple exchanges. For some, hands play a central role in their professional lives. Those who use their hands daily and require a polished look to keep in line with career goals may want to maintain a physical appearance that fits their desires. The appearance of prominent hand veins may also falsely indicate an aging process that isn’t in line with someone’s actual age. For any or all of these various reasons, a person may consider cosmetic hand veins treatment to reduce or remove the appearance of hand veins. These hand veins treatments are often successful and effective.

Hand Veins Treatment Options

While problematic veins in the legs are the most commonly treated area of the body, these procedures are closely followed in numbers by varicose vein treatment on the hands. The recommended options for varicose vein treatment are also very similar. Very often, sclerotherapy is elected as the treatment method when it comes to reducing and removing the appearance of veins on the hands. This out-patient procedure can be performed in the comfort of the physician’s office and is done in less than an hour. There is no need for the use of general anesthesia which eliminates all associated risks and makes for an extremely quick and easy recovery time.

Sclerotherapy for veins in the hands is performed as a series of small injections at problematic sites. The attending physician will inject sclerosant directly into the veins causing them to collapse, close and ultimately be absorbed back into the body. This procedure is extremely direct, and the effects of sclerotherapy do not negatively impact any surrounding tissue or vessels.

Recovery Expectations

The elimination of the need for general anesthesia means patients who undergo sclerotherapy for vein treatment of the hands will be able to leave the office unassisted the same day as the procedure. Any swelling that occurs will disappear within a matter of days and patients can expect to resume normal activities immediately following treatment. For some patients, a physician may recommend wearing a compression glove for a period of time following the procedure to assist with vein closure.

hand vein removal before and after
Dr. Wright’s hand veins treatment results are undeniable, check out his before and after pictures.

Vein Recovery

Prior to undergoing sclerotherapy for hand veins treatment, many patients are concerned about how the removal of these veins may affect overall circulation. While veins play the essential role of returning blood successfully to the heart, the larger network of vessels is comprised of surface veins and deep veins. The human body supplies a network of veins that surpasses its circulatory needs, meaning veins that are collapsed during sclerotherapy will not have an adverse effect on blood circulation. Particularly when it comes to the treatment of hand veins, an attending physician will pay close attention to the amount of treatment performed as medications are regularly injected through these veins for other medical procedures.

Associated Risks of Treatment

As with all cosmetic procedures, there is a minimal risk of swelling associated with the treatment of hand veins, but patients can confidently expect this to disappear in a short period of time following the procedure. Those who undergo this treatment method are thrilled to learn there is no risk of skin discoloration. Overall, the treatment of hand veins is highly effective with virtually no side effects or recovery time.

The First Steps Toward Hand Veins Treatment

Prospective patients interested in options for treating hand veins will want to begin by calling the Laser Lipo and Vein Center in St. Louis to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Thomas Wright. An initial consultation is an important step towards understanding the many options available and developing a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized to every patient’s individual preferences. Cosmetic procedures are a highly personal choice and require an approach that takes emotional, physical and medical profiles into full consideration. A consultation is also an opportunity to discuss what to expect from an elected procedure and how to cover the cost of treatment.

Cost and Coverage

Most vein treatment services are considered cosmetic and not generally covered by insurance companies, and this is true for hand vein treatment except in rare instances. It still does not hurt to check with your doctor prior to any procedure being performed. For patients experiencing underlying conditions, vein treatment can potentially help diminish symptoms that might otherwise lead to future medical complications. If this is the case, there is a chance the cost of treatment care could be covered.

For those looking for vein treatment options that are strictly cosmetic, be sure to discuss the many payment plans and credit routes available through our clinic. Our staff is here to make sure every patient understands the full benefits of treatment and has a clear understanding of the financial options that are available.


I am thrilled with the looks of my legs now. They look so much better and I am not so embarrassed by those ugly veins. Everyone in the office is so nice from the front desk to the doctor and nurses. I always look forward to my appointments.


Hand Vein Removal FAQs

Is there a treatment to diminish the appearance of dark blue veins in the chest and arms?


There are absolutely treatments available for these types of veins, so there is no reason one should have to suffer with the presence of unsightly veins anywhere on the body.
The most typical treatments for the areas of the chest and arms would be laser treatment and/or injection sclerotherapy, both of which have excellent results. Bluish veins are usually treated with sclerotherapy. Depending on the size and location of the veins, your vein specialist may recommend one or the other, or a combination of both.