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Hand Veins Treatment | Hand Vein Removal | St. Louis

Hand Veins Treatment | Hand Vein Removal | St. Louis Removal in St. Louis

After leg veins, hand veins and face veins are one of the most common veins we treat. One of the most annoying facial veins are the blue veins on your temples. Prominent bluish temple veins can make the person look angry or prematurely aged. When people are upset, temple veins can become even more visible which can be embarrassing. For these reasons many people request hand veins treatment and facial vein removal.

Temple veins can be genetic or they can often follow facial reconstructive surgery. When temple veins are treated, there may be short-term bruising and edema (swelling) around the eye. Veins around the eye are separate from veins in the skull, so be assured that vein treatment in the area of the eye is safe. Unsightly large breast veins are often seen after a breast augmentation procedure. These veins may detract from an otherwise pleasing cosmetic result.

Hand Veins

Hand Veins Before and After Treatment in St. LouisWhy Remove Veins on the Hand?

Many — women in particular — are conscious of the appearance of their hands. We use our hands in so many interactions, from shaking hands to checking out at the grocery store, that hands are highly visible to all. Some people’s hands are in sight all day at their jobs, and for them, the appearance is important. An “old lady” look may not match a person’s true age. Luckily, hand vein treatment at our St. Louis office is easy and effective.

How Is Hand Vein Treatment Done?

Hand vein treatment is very similar to sclerotherapy on the legs. Both are done in our St. Louis office with no anesthesia needed. Tiny injections are made into the hand veins, which causes them to close and be absorbed by the body. A compression glove may be worn to assist closure after hand vein treatment. There is no downtime and no extra steps for recovery are needed.

Don’t I Need Hand Veins?

Veins work to return blood to the heart. Through a system of veins and deep veins, the blood circulates. You have more than enough hand veins to accomplish this. Since many medications require a hand vein for administration, we are careful not to over-treat or leave this area without the access people may require.

hand vein removal before and after
Dr. Wright’s hand veins treatment results are undeniable, check out his before and after pictures.

What Are The Downsides Or Risks?

There may be slight temporary swelling, but there is no risk of discoloration, and no other side effect. Hand vein treatment is easy and effective, and patients may use their hands right away after treatment.

Where Can I Get Hand Vein Treatment In St. Louis?

Dr. Thomas Wright is a true vein expert. Now with two offices in the St. Louis area to better serve you! Contact Dr. Wright’s office today for expert consultation on removing your hand veins and facial vein treatment.


I am thrilled with the looks of my legs now. They look so much better and I am not so embarrassed by those ugly veins. Everyone in the office is so nice from the front desk to the doctor and nurses. I always look forward to my appointments.


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