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Understanding the Cost of Liposuction

Pic Thigh GapMany individuals want to know how much liposuction will cost, and to get a better understanding, several factors play a role in the pricing structure. See below.

Top Factors Affecting Price:

  • Coverage – how much area is being liposuctioned? Do you need a quick touchup in a specific location, or do you want to do an entire makeover? Each area is priced differently, based on the type of fat and measurements. If patients had previous liposuction or surgeries, the surgeon may also factor this when pricing.
  • Cost of Living – each geography has its own average prices for services, including liposuction. This is largely based on the demographics and their average household income. The higher this margin is, expect greater prices for liposuction. This is one reason clients will travel out-of-state for liposurgery.
  • Pinchable Fat – when addressing liposuction cost, one cannot exclude how much fat is being taken out. The more fat, the more time and details will be needed to remove it. An initial consultation is conducted before a final quote is provided in most cases.
  • The Provider’s Credentials – pioneers and popular providers in the field may charge higher rates due to their success ratings, dedication to the field, and expertise.
  • Surgeon’s Fee – this cost is also based on the specialist’s know-how, and will usually reflect about thirty percent of the overall cost – even if it isn’t specified in the advertised price.
  • Facility Fee – a typical surcharge is added for the facility or outpatient center. Some surgeons will forgo this cost, while others calculate up to 50% of this fee toward the overall price.
  • Preoperative Fees – may include the cost to do testing through labs and screening for potential health issues.
  • Postoperative Fees – may include the cost of supplies that will help patients, including compression garments and prescriptions.

National estimates from the American Plastic Surgery Association estimate the price will be between $2000 and $5000 per each targeted space like the abdomen, neck, chin or thighs for instance. Many individuals will sometimes schedule liposuction areas together or through several sessions to accomplish an ideal image.

When planning for liposuction, it’s important to conduct a one-on-one consultation with the provider to get a concrete quote, rather than simply relying on average prices alone.