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Liposuction Cost Factors

Liposuction Cost Factors

There is wide variety in the total cost for a liposuction procedure, and affordability is an important factor for most people in the decision to have liposuction.  In order to better understand what determines cost, some explanation of what influences cost must be explained.  After you understand these influences and have the facts, you can make the best decision for you.

Average Total Cost – $2,000 – $5,000 / per Area

Summary Explanation of Factors Affecting Total Liposuction Cost:

The biggest factor is the surgeon’s fee, or what is commonly referred to as surgery fee.  The surgery fee depends on a number of factors, which contribute 30% – 100% of the total cost of the liposuction procedure or $1,500-3,000.

These factors include:

  • The number of areas treated.  When more areas are treated during a single procedure, the cost per area is lower.
  • The amount of fat removed; the more fat removed, the higher the cost.
  • The skill and experience of the surgeon.  You don’t necessarily want to skimp on this.  Check results of his or her work, reviews, and ideally meet with the surgeon to be sure he or she will meet your expectations.
  • Previous surgical procedures in area to be treated.  Scar tissue from previous surgeries in the area to be treated make the procedure more difficult and take longer.
  • Geographic location. You should expect to pay more if the procedure is performed in a more affluent area or an area with a higher cost of living.

Facility Fees:  Procedures performed in a hospital will have the highest facility fee[2,000- $3,000/hospital] while physician office based operating facilities will have the lowest [$0 – 1,800]. An outpatient surgery center would fall somewhere in the middle [$1,200- 2,000]. Range is 0-50% of the cost of liposuction or $0 – 3,000.

Anesthesia Fee:  General anesthesia is the most expensive followed by IV sedation.  Local or tumescent anesthesia is the least expensive and usually does not have a fee associated with it.  Anesthesia fees can add 0 – 30% or $0 – $1,500 to the total cost of a liposuction procedure.

Other Fees:  Pre-op exam fee, lab tests, compression garments, post-op fees, and pre and post personal care items to help prevent bruising or scaring.  These fees can add approximately 0 – 15% or $0 – $750 to the total cost of a procedure.

The “Total Cost” is the sum of all the fees.  It is important to keep track of these fees.  Some fees are based on surgeon’s preference, such as location of the surgery and type of anesthesia used.  Cost conscious individuals may prefer to have the surgery done in a physician office based operating facility and not incur additional anesthesia fees and facility fees.