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The “Selfie” Causing Rise in Cosmetic Procedures

It is not unusual for patients to bring photographs of their favorite celebrity to their cosmetic or plastic surgeon to request a nose, bottom, lips or some other feature similar to the admired star, but recently more people have been bringing in pictures of themselves to help convey the after image they’re most hoping for. As the ever-popular “selfie” picture has become a daily occurrence for many people, the plethora of filters available for touching up the image has caused many of those behind the lens to see themselves in a new light. Many camera filters allow a person to see themselves sans wrinkles or with enhanced features that they wish they could enjoy more regularly than in the occasional retouched photo, and so these pictures are finding their way into the doctor’s office as a means for inspiration.

The rise in the use of social media has caused a rise in self-awareness and clients are more conscious than ever of their features, particularly when comparing their online persona to their actual self. Many doctors report that patients will come into their offices and flip through dozens of selfies expressing a desire to look “that way” on a regular basis.

How it’s Done

Some treatments for creating a more Instagram-worthy appearance can be achieved in quick cosmetic sessions where wrinkles are rejuvenated and skin is tightened to create a more refreshed, polished appearance. Fillers are popular options for producing a surface that is more comparable to pictures in which a smooth face free of blemishes and lines is so appealing to the person behind the selfie.

The angles with which a selfie photo are often taken also help to highlight areas of the face that people are hoping to have pronounced with cosmetic procedures. Defined cheekbones, full lips, wide eyes and a firm jawline are usually easier to showcase by holding the camera at a higher angle and looking up.

Many doctors think this trend is a positive one which encourages people to seek to look like their best self instead of aiming to drastically alter their appearance in such a way as to resemble a celebrity of whom they share very little in common. Observing one’s own face from many different angles and seeing what might be possible with a few tweaks can help a person have realistic expectations while gaining a solid idea of what they hope to have done in a cosmetic procedure that they can be happy with.

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