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The Age of Profile Photos and Selfies

Many of us have lived through our fair share of fads and trends, but one hot activity that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon is our need to take photos, and selfies.

The cosmetic surgery field is heavily influenced by this trend, as our image-driven society is getting even more demanding.

With the ease of access to the internet, and simple cosmetic procedures, which can be kept low-key, people are always trying to get more beautiful. The Laser Lipo and Vein Center is happy to give you a more attractive profile – online and in the real world!

The Correlation Between Selfies and Cosmetic Surgery – Explored:

According to People Magazine and The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there has been a 7-10 percent increase seen in parallel to the rise in social media use. According to experts, cosmetic changes aren’t just about people-pleasing either. On one hand, we want to get noticed, and on the other, when we do take close-up pictures of ourselves, we’re more inclined to see our flaws – through a magnifying lens.

Everyone deserves to look their best beautiful, and with the help of new and advanced methods of cosmetic surgery, tweaking our imperfections is now easier and quicker than ever.

Examples of Cosmetic Surgeries Performed

According to the research, some of the top cosmetic surgeries that spiked included procedures relating to the neck and face area. As an example, patients were more motivated to do lipo surgery, hair transplants, eyelid surgeries, or mini facelifts.

Where to Go?

Considering surgery? The Laser Lipo Center is a popular choice for patients in St. Louis. Here are examples of our benefits:

  • Our procedures are either non-invasive or minimally invasive
  • We adapt the latest and most advanced techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery
  • We are cost friendly, making opting for a cosmetic procedures more accessible
  • We are seasoned cosmetic surgeons who can help you achieve your goals seamlessly
  • We provide natural-looking results

The Laser Lipo and Vein Center is operated by Dr. Thomas Wright, a well-known cosmetic surgeon, with an immaculate reputation for excellence, dedication, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you’ve noticed a profile you’d like to change when you look in the mirror, or after snapping a photo, we can provide natural looking results.

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