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Recovering from the Summer Sun

Although the weather may be slow to catch up, autumn has officially begun. Days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and the coats are coming out of the closet. Unfortunately, many people find that their skin begins to change as well. Although those hours in the sun may have produced a tan during the summer, the onset of fall is usually the time when people begin to notice the long-term damage the sun can cause. And for those people with lighter complexions, all that time in the sun might have led to spider veins on the face.

Fortunately, there is a fast and easy treatment for getting rid of those small, unsightly veins: Veinwave. Using advanced radiowave technology, the uniqueVeinwave system emits pulses which cause the affected veins to close, causing the unsightly spider veins to disappear immediately! The procedure is safe and effective, leaving your complexion clearer than before. And, unlike some other treatments, the Veinwave doesn’t run the risk of damaging the surrounding tissue with heat as it only targets the affected vein(s).

Although they can occur as the result of excess sun exposure, spider veins are usually just a cosmetic issue (unlike some skin conditions caused by the sun). Now that the summer is over, you may think the sun poses little risk. But, even after Veinwave treatment to remove spider veins, you should still take the necessary steps to protect your skin against sun damage. Always wearsunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors, even on overcast days. On bright, sunny days, it’s a good idea to shade your face by wearing a hat, too. After all, the summer may be over, but the sun isn’t going anywhere.