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Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Technology

forma - Laser lipo and vein center- Dr. WrightOne of the biggest contributors to young, supple looking skin is healthy collagen production which aids elasticity and promotes the skin’s ability to bounce back and hold its form. Aging skin shows signs of sagging, often around the eyes, neckline and surrounding the mouth due to a slowing of collagen production creating a more tired appearance.

Surgical options have been available for years as a method for treating sagging skin with many people turning to invasive face lift procedures to firm and tighten skin that has lost much of its elasticity due to age, lifestyle and over exposure to the sun. Modern treatments for tightening the skin allow for completely non-invasive ultrasound therapy procedures as well as advanced radio frequency procedures for targeting sagging skin and encouraging new collagen growth through heat stimulation and tissue rejuvenation. The results of such treatments are comparable to a serious facelift procedure and can greatly improve the appearance of sagging, drooping skin.

A high intensity focused ultrasound (known as HIFU) technique- also known as Ulthera, has been popular among those seeking face lift and neck lift types of results without going under the knife, although most patients experience discomfort during the Ulthera procedure. This FDA approved technique is used to tighten the skin of the brows, forehead, neck, chin and stomach and is also used to treat stretch marks. By generating low levels of heat through the layers of the affected skin, the cells beneath are stimulated and prompted to boost their collagen production. This boost in collagen production results in firmer, smoother skin that is lifted while lines are softened.

An equally beneficial and effective skin tightening treatment is achieved with Forma,

a radio frequency technology that also uses heat to enliven the skin and encourage new collagen growth. The Forma procedure is painless and completely non-invasive and is also less expensive that the HIFU technique while providing the same level of results. Forma can be used on any area of the body that is showing signs of sagging skin whether that skin is surrounding the knee caps, forming jowls along the jawline, creating a tired look around the eyes and mouth, or contributing to a less firm abdominal region.

Patient satisfaction for these non-invasive skin tightening treatments is very high with patients noticing significant improvements to the treated areas even after the first session. Forma patients can return to their normal activities immediately following their procedure with no downtime required. If you are seeking a skin tightening procedure without surgery give us a call for a free initial consultation.