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New Research and Study IDs Best Fat Harvesting Technique


Recently, researchers at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center report that they identified the most effective technique for harvesting adipose tissue to use in autologous fat-grafting procedures. As you may know, fat harvesting or fat grafting involves harvesting cells from one part of the body, and then injecting them into another area.

This study outlined a comparison of several different fat transfer procedures. During the study fat tissue was harvested through different techniques including liposuction, surgical excision, and Coleman’s technique. The samples were analyzed to determine the yield of total stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and adipose-derived stem cells (ACS). The overall objective of the research was to study the effects of tissue harvest techniques and the donor site that can affect stromal cells and stem cell yields.

With a fat transfer technique called Coleman’s, which does not use centrifugation, it was found that results yield more stromal cells, but fewer stems, while direct excision will produce more stem cells. The study also found that fat harvested a higher number of stromal cells when taken from the abdomen, while the axilla (armpit or under arm area) or flank area harvested a smaller amount.

Researchers conclude: “Adipose tissue harvested from the abdomen through direct excision or Coleman’s technique with centrifugation was found to yield the most stromal cells and stem cells.”

While the study is rather in-depth, the overall conclusions are as follows:

  1. Fat harvested from the stomach and abdomen areas survives better than fat from the flanks or the under arm.
  1. A great amount of care must be taken to minimize the pressure to which the fat cells are subjected to during the harvest and subsequent actions.
  1. Care must be taken to separate the viable cells from oil and other tissue for a better results.

Dr. Wright has been using these techniques in his fat transfer for years. Studies like this study from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Tejaswi Iyyanki, 2015) gives additional support to the techniques used at Laser Lipo and Vein Center.

Fat grafting is used in a number of cosmetic procedure including natural breast augmentation. It can also be used to add volume to cheeks, lips, and hands, as well as in butt augmentation procedures.

Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, has been performing the fat grafting and transfer procedures for many years. If you are interested in regaining a more youthful look using this procedure, call today for a complimentary consultation where we will discuss the options available to you.


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