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Natural Vs. Obvious Breast Augmentation

woman show big breasts with implants isolated on white background

A recent news report stated that patients undergoing breast augmentation are forgoing larger implants and are choosing for an increase of only about a cup size. Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham, Heidi Montag and others are leading this trend and have had procedures to either reduce an implant size or even remove the implants.

On the other hand, a study by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council implies that the “fake” look often associated with breast enlargement is becoming appealing to American women. Study researchers say that this may be due to the fact that many women want to connect to the culture of celebrity, along with resisting aging.

Natural Vs. Obvious Breast Augmentation: Opposing Trends?

So what is the trend? Natural or obvious? Or both? Actually, we are actually seeing two trends, according to Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center. He indicates that while we see the trend for younger women is the “fake breast look”, most women and especially older women are going for a more natural look. He also says that the increase for the natural look goes along with the fat transfer procedure called “natural breast augmentation.”

Says Dr. Wright, “Natural breast augmentation also appeals to women who may be concerned with possible reactions caused by silicone, or by capsular contractions around the implant.” According to Dr. Wright, the preferred choice may also depend on geography. For instance, women in Miami and Los Angeles tend to go for a “bigger is better” preference, while women from the interior areas of the country prefer a more natural look and size.

Says Dr. Wright, “We are certainly seeing a preference for the natural look in the Mid-Western areas of the country.” He states that natural breast augmentation can only provide a modest increase in chest size. With natural augmentation, he says that an A cup can only increase to perhaps a B or C cup size.

He continues, “It’s not just the size that matters, it is also the shape of an implant that can make it look fake.” A real breast is not round or circular in shape, rather it is tear drop shaped. “Some implants are nearly circular giving a top section that is much larger that it would be naturally. That is another advantage of natural breast augmentation is that the transplanted fat can add fullness to the top of the chest in a gently sloped way that doesn’t look like half of grapefruit was stuck on,” he says.

Dr. Wright states that natural breast augmentation using fat transfer provides a more natural shape, because the procedure works and looks like a natural breast. So if you are interested in a natural look, Dr. Wright and his team can discuss the options, and help you find the best procedure for you and your desired results.