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Natural Breast Augmentation InfoGraphic

Why Get Natural Breast Augmentation?

Have you ever thought about getting breast implants to improve the appearance of your bustline?If you have, we have some good news for you; there is a more natural looking and feeling alternative that will help you get the body that you want, without the downsides that breast implants often bring. This alternative, of course, is Natural Breast Augmentation! Not only can breast augmentation make your breasts bigger and more natural looking, it also helps you avoid the plastic look and feel that breast implants often bring. Here’s an infographic outlining the key differences separating natural breast augmentation and breast implants:


As you can see, natural breast augmentation offers several benefits that breast implants don’t, including:

  • More natural Look and feel—natural breast augmentation, because it uses your own fat, looks and feels natural! This can help you avoid the “plastic” look that many celebrities wind up with after breast implants. It feels natural too!
  • Fast Recovery Time—natural breast augmentation via liposuction and fat transfer is a non-invasive procedure, meaning you’ll only experience a couple of days downtime. On the other hand, breast implants recovery time can last several weeks, meaning you’ll be out of commission for much longer.
  • Cost—with all these incredible benefits, it would be easy to think that natural breast augmentation would be an extremely expensive procedure. However, breast augmentation price is actually quite similar to the price of breast implants, even though liposuction/body contouring is included in the price!

Overall, if you wish to increase the size of your breasts, while also contouring your body, natural breast augmentation is the way to go! It’s more natural, costs the same, and makes certain you can get back on the saddle within a very short time period. For more information about fat transfer, visit Laser Lipo and Veins today!