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Waist Liposuction | Hips Liposuction in St Louis Shed Unwanted Fat Today

When it comes to the ideal physical aesthetic, men and women alike have long been drawn to a body that is toned, sculpted and smooth. When metabolisms are at their height and collagen and elastin production in full force, obtaining this physique might not be so difficult for some. However, with the passage of time and specifics that come along with the natural aging process, it’s normal for the human body to begin to collect fat cells in certain areas. As metabolisms decrease, it’s common for men and women to become frustrated with areas of the body that seem to hold onto stubborn fat more fiercely despite the best efforts with diet and exercise. For others, this development is more related to genetic predisposition, making it nearly impossible to remove fat cells through diet and exercise alone. Learn more about our Missouri liposuction center and the waist lipo below.

liposuction for the waist and hipsliposuction for the waist and hips liposuction for the waist and hipsliposuction for the waist and hips

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

lipo cost buttonWhile fat cells can cluster anywhere in the human body, fat deposits along the waistline and hips tend to be frequent and a common struggle across genders. While a narrow waist has the potential to make the entire body look slimmer, fat deposits in this area can cause a reverse effect, leaving those that struggle with these fat cells to feel unhappy with the changing shape of their physique. Fortunately, there’s no reason for individuals looking to reduce or eliminate fat deposits around the waist and hips to simply accept the changes as they are. The world of modern cosmetic care, treatment, and services has seen impressive advancements through technology and today, more than ever before, prospective patients have a long list of options when it comes to a solution to the problem. Among those solutions, many patients find that tumescent liposuction is not only a safe and simple, but efficient and effective solution to removing fat from this area of the body.

Understanding Liposuction for the Waist and Hips

While some patients falsely assume that liposuction is a solution for weight loss, it’s imperative for those considering liposuction for the waist and hips to realize that this technique is designed exclusively to sculpt this area of the body. That means that the ideal candidate for this procedure is already fairly close to their ideal body weight in relationship to their height and incorporates regular diet and exercise into their daily routine. When these factors are all met and progress still isn’t being made within the physique, liposuction may just be the best solution.

This process is considered an outpatient treatment option and can be done right in the attending physician’s office making for a comfortable and convenient experience for the patient from start to finish. The process begins with the treatment area being clearly marked before a tumescent local anesthetic is injected to numb the area. Once the area is numb, micro-punctures are made in the skin to allow the microcannula to be inserted and the stubborn fat cells to be safely and successfully suctioned out of the body.

Recovery Time and Result Expectations

liposuction for the waist and hipsmale abs after liposuction Liposuction for the waist and hipsLiposuction for the waist and hips

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Recovery Time and Result Expectations

Because liposuction removes fat cells directly, it’s likely that patients who elect to undergo this procedure will see some form of immediate results. However, the most effective results are generally seen becoming visible within 3-4 weeks following liposuction. The recovery period associated with this type of liposuction is minimal with many patients enjoying the ability to return to their regular routines within 24-48 hours. It’s likely that a patient who has undergone this type of liposuction will be prescribed compression garments to wear for a period of time after treatment to both promote healthy blood flow to the area and to help with the overall healing process. At most, patients report slight swelling, redness and minimal discomfort at the treatment site. This is generally counteracted with over the counter pain medications as needed.


Liposuction for the waist and hips is considered an outpatient procedure, eliminating the risks associated with hospital stays, general anesthesia or lengthy recovery periods. The combination of these eliminated factors makes this procedure highly safe and effective for patients. Similarly, the use of micro-punctures and a small cannula means patients don’t have to worry about scarring, infection or stitches that would be associated with procedures requiring larger incisions to be successful.


In general, the final cost associated with treatment is drastically different amongst patients as it relates to the severity of the treatment area, how many sessions are required and if multiple areas of the body are being treated. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is here to help explain our many in-clinic options related to financing and payment plans.

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