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Weight Loss St Louis: Military Waist Reduction in St Louis

Weight Loss St Louis: Military Waist Reduction in St Louis

When it comes to the fitness elite in the United States of America, military personnel rank supreme on the health charts. Those enlisted in the military, no matter the branch, are required to complete an annual fitness test that is used to determine continued eligibility in the armed forces. Included within the exam is the military tape test. This test measures a service member’s waistline as a method of calculating overall body fat. For some individuals, failing this test could lead to a determination that they are no longer qualified for service. It is generally recognized that the healthiest way to achieve an optimum waistline is through regular diet and exercise. However, for some individuals this combination isn’t enough to reduce stubborn fat deposits. As a route to ensuring a successful tape test, some  choose the route of waist alteration by electing to undergo a procedure known as military waist reduction. Read more about medical weight loss in St. Louis below:

What is the Military Waist Reduction Procedure

Military waist reduction is a procedure that helps patients with weight loss in St. Louis shed a few important inches around the waistline without requiring an extensive hospital stay or a long recovery period. At the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center, patients have the option of choosing Liposuction to eliminate waistline fat deposits. Eliminating the need for general anesthesia and only requiring a local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated, this procedure utilizes laser-assisted liposuction to first break up and liquify fat deposits by laser and subsequently remove them from the body with a cannula and suction. The injection site of the cannula is extremely small and heals very quickly after the procedure with virtually no scarring left behind. As an added benefit, many patients who undergo this type of treatment experience collagen growth in the treated area which provides for continued waist contouring.

Why Consider Military Waist Reduction

Statistics pulled from the Journal of Military Medicine indicate that upwards of 35% of male trainees are not able to successfully meet the weight standards set by their branch. Similarly, 6% of all soldiers across all branches were noted as exceeding body fat standards. Between 1992 and 2007 approximately 24,000 Army personnel were unable to comply with weight standards. Many qualified military personnel experience stress at the possibility of discharge due to physical standards. For those who have tried diet and exercise and still find they are not able to meet the branch standards set for physical examinations, military waist reduction is a viable, safe and efficient solution that can provide career-changing results.

Medical Weight Loss In St. Louis

While a military waist reduction provides incredible physical results, patients enjoy a peace of mind that comes along with knowing medical weight loss in St Louis offers a high level of safety. Requiring only local anesthetic, patients eliminate the risks associated with the use of general anesthesia including the potential for depressed cardiac and circulatory functions. Laser-assisted procedures provide a gentle approach to fat removal as fat deposits are easily broken up prior