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The Liposuction Butt Augmentation Combo

Pic Thigh GapAre you a fan of two for one combos? Then you’ll love the lipo butt augmentation combo, otherwise known as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

How It Works

Here’s the step by step guide about how Brazilian Butt Lifts take shape:

First Step

The first step in the process of the Brazilian butt lift is to consult with a highly specialized surgeon to determine the lift desired in the butt region.

Second Step

A donor site is identified, and approved by the surgeon. This can include the abdomen, thighs, arms, and other problematic areas for stubborn fat. Once the donor site has been chosen, small micropunctures are made in order to gently remove fat. The technique is known as liposuction, and the size of the micropunctures are similar to a ballpoint pen tip, which means it’s relatively pain free and the chances of scarring is rare.

Third Step

The fat is prepped and reinforced for transplant to each butt cheek. The surgeon will sculpt the fat until the desired fat takes shape.

Fourth Step

Post-op instructions are provided and regular activities can usually be resumed within 24-48 hours.

Top Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Here are some of the top advantages BBL has over traditional surgical implants for the buttocks.

  • Get Better Shape – a curvy sexy butt is desirable in women, and attractive to onlookers.
  • Non-Invasive – there are no surgeries involved, and the procedure is quick, simple and pain free.
  • Boost Confidence – a flat butt can make many individuals feel self-conscious, or as though they’re lacking in the looks department. Similar to getting other simple cosmetic work done, a simple boost to the butt can now be achieved through the combo lipo and butt augmentation technique.
  • Bonus Fat Removal – patients are using their own fat, then transplanting it to the butt region. You can slim down your abdomen, thighs, arms, or some other donor site simply, and simultaneously with this combo. It’s a deal you can’t refuse.
  • Natural Results – there are no silicone implants used, which typically look and feel plastic. Using your own fat means that you’ll feel supple, feminine and natural – as though you were born this way. The specialist will furthermore work hand in hand with patients to give the look they desire, while providing time-tested recommendations.

Look as though you were born with it – with low-key cosmetic techniques like the Brazilian Butt Lift.