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Where Does Skin Cancer Like to Hide?


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Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the modern world. Though treatable in most cases, skin cancer can be deadly, and it is also the most common type of cancer – making early detection and treatment a must. Fortunately, with modern detection techniques – and a knowledge of where skin cancer hides – you can determine whether or not a visit to your local dermatologist is needed. Read on (or view the infographic above) for more information about where skin cancer hides:

Scalp and Neck

The back of the neck and the scalp have a higher chance of melanoma-specific cause of death than any other part of the body


Surprising, but 5-10% of skin cancers are in the eyelid. Check with your eye doctor or a dermatologist – like Dr. Wright – for more information

Mouth / Oral

If you ever happen to have a lingering canker sore for more than two or three weeks, have your dermatologist or dentist take a further look


This may not always be the most fun for a checkup, but if you are at risk, this could save your life.

Feet / Between the Toes

Melanoma of the foot has a 50% death rate within the first 5 years

Ear Area

Don’t forget to check behind your ears. This area is often neglected, but is just as vulnerable as others.

Armpit and Lymph Nodes

The Spreading of Melanoma typically starts here first.

Under Finger Nails

Skip the polish for a week and ask your dermatologist to check for irregular pigment beneath the nail


Don’t skip your regular checks here. When in doubt, request one.