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Where Does Lipedema Fat Accumulate?

Where Does Lipedema Fat Accumulate?

Lipedema continues to be a poorly understood condition that has impacted the lives of women since symptoms were first noticed in 1940. Since then, Lipedema has been primarily thought to just impact the legs and buttocks for women. However, recent research has shed light on how Lipedema is believed to be a bilateral condition that usually starts disproportionately affecting the hips and legs. While in advanced cases Lipedema fat can develop anywhere on from head to toe. Here is where Lipedema fat can accumulate on the body:

Head to Shoulders

The rarest area where Lipedema fat can develop is the area around your face and neckline. Lipedema patients experience three stages of the condition where changes in the skin and fat build up is seen. Recent research literature has shown that on average women from all three stages only 4% of them experienced fat around their posterior neck and on top of the cranium. However, the anterior chest or area right below your shoulder line is more common, with approximately 37% of women seeing lipedema fat accumulate.

Upper Body Lipedema Fat

Your torso, abdomen, and arms are more prone to fat accumulation than other areas above them. Over 90% of women experiencing any stage of Lipedema has seen fat accumulation along their inner elbow area, anterior forearm, and anterior arm. Anterior areas are seen from the front of the body when standing straight. Near similar numbers can be seen for women with Lipedema fat around their ribcage and abdomen that is common. The rarest area for fat to accumulate around the upper body is on the hand with approximately 22% of women experiencing this with Lipedema.

drawing of a lipedema patient

Lower Body

As mentioned earlier, most women who are diagnosed with Lipedema will see the majority of their fat accumulate around the lower body, particularly around the thighs and buttocks. Other areas that almost all women will see fat accumulate around also includes the backside of the leg and the inner knee area. The area where fat is least likely to accumulate is the backside of the foot with only 6% of women experiencing this.

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