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What Is Phlebitis? | Phlebitis Treatment in St. Louis

What Is Phlebitis? | Phlebitis Treatment in St. Louis

All About Phlebitis and Phlebitis Symptoms

Phlebitis is a term used when the vein in the legs become enlarged or swollen. There are different types of phlebitis, some of which you may be familiar with by their name alone. Superficial phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis for instance, are all types of phlebitis, though their causes may be different.

Let’s elaborate:

The anatomy of veins in our body comprises of veins that appear on the surface, otherwise known as superficial veins, as well as deep veins.

When the surface veins become inflamed for one reason or another, this is known as superficial phlebitis. It’s often caused by vein injury. Consider for instance if you bumped or bruised your leg. Vein disease especially varicose vein can greatly increase the risk of superficial phlebitis.

On the other hand, swelling and inflammation in the deep veins, caused by blood clots, is a more serious condition, and the terms used to describe this type of phlebitis include deep vein thrombosis or phlebitis in the deep veins. Since we know that deep vein thrombosis is caused by blood clots, how do these form exactly?

There could be one or a combination of issues going on, including genes, lack of exercise, injury, and others. Some lifestyle factors may furthermore contribute to deep vein thrombosis or DVT, and these include smoking, drinking, pregnancy, and other major factors.

Types of Phlebitis Symptoms

People who suffer from phlebitis may often experience swollen legs or arms, or inflammation of the veins which are visible from the surface.leg veins

Other symptoms of phlebitis include:

The Top Phlebitis Treatments

Treatments for phlebitis range including wearing compression garments, for some mild cases of superficial phlebitis  to prescription medicines like blood thinners with deep phlebitis. More recently, healthcare professionals have made advances in medical treatment options that prove to be effective for diminishing the symptoms.

These treatment options include, but aren’t limited to:

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