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Trunk and Chest Veins

Trunk and Chest Veins In St. Louis

Varicose and Spider Vein can occur anywhere on the body. The most common place for both spider and varicose veins are on the legs however they also the face, chest and trunk.

Spider Veins on Chest and Trunk

The most common factor for developing spider veins on chest and trunk is sun damage. The spider veins on the body and chest can also be the result of hormones, trauma or damage or a systemic disease. The female hormones and steroid hormones can lead to sprouting spider veins on the body or chest. Systemic disease like lupus erythematous, scleroderma, liver disease and Cushing’s syndrome also can lead to spider veins to appearing on the torso.

spider angioma veins on chest beforeafter treatement of spider angioma veins on chestspider veins on chest

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Quick Tips About Chest and Trunk Veins

  • Trunk and Chest Veins are Caused by Sun Damage, Hormones, and Various Illnesses
  • Pregnancy can Cause Chest and Trunk Veins in Women
  • DVT, Blood Clots, and Cirrhosis of The Liver can Also Cause Chest and Trunk Veins
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  • The Most Common Treatments for These Veins are Sclerotherapy, IPL, and Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Phlebectomy may be needed, depending on if they need surgical removal
  • Let Dr. Wright help with your Chest and Trunk Veins

Varicose Veins on the Trunk

The cause of blue varicose veins on chest or trunk is often related to female hormones and pregnancy; however varicose veins on the torso and chest do occur in men. Varicose vein on the trunk can be caused by other medical conditions such as DVTs or blood clots and cirrhosis of the liver.

caput medussa treatment varicose veins on trunk after DVT

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Blue Veins on Chest

Not all visible veins are varicose veins. In body builders and other individuals with low body fat veins are much more visible. Some individuals with fair skin veins are more visible. These prominent blue veins can be normal variations.

body builder with veins on chest Man boobs and treatment

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Blue Veins on the Breasts

After breast augmentation it is not unusual for bluish veins on the breast to become more prominent. There are several reasons the blue veins on the chest become more visible. If saline or silicone breast implants are used they can stretch the overlying skin and fat just below the skin of the breast to make the veins more visible. Also there can be some temporary injury to the veins [called Mondor’s Cord]that can cause the veins to enlarge. The hardness and injury almost always resolve but the enlargement or prominence of the veins may persist.

vein removal on breast mondors veins treatment

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Treatment of Spider Veins on Chest

The treatment for spider veins on the body or chest depends on the size and location if the veins. Treatment option include for spider veins are as follows. Sclerotherapy is best for larger bluish veins especially on the lower half of the torso. [look at the pictures below of Sclerotherapy of chest veins] Laser, IPL or Radiofrequency devices like the Veinwave for the fine reddish that are common on the upper chest , décolleté or center of the chest. [look at the top of the page of pictures IPL and veinwave treatment of the spider vein on the chest]

Treatment of Prominent or Varicose Veins on Chest

For varicose veins usually the best treatment option is Sclerotherapy; however occasionally the veins can require surgical removal with a phlebectomy.

breast veins before treatment breast vein before and after treatment Breast-Vein-Before-After-2

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