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Spider Veins on Chest and Trunk

Spider Veins on Chest and Trunk In St. Louis

Following the treatment of problematic veins that display prominently on the legs, patients most often seek professional methods of reducing or eliminating the appearance of veins on the face, chest and trunk. Experts most commonly point to sun damage as the leading cause for developing spider veins on the chest and other areas on the body. Commonly exposed to UV rays during extended periods of outdoor activity, men and women are equally susceptible to the appearance of spider veins on chest and trunk.

Similarly, spider veins that are concentrated on the chest have been linked to an increase or fluctuation in hormones, particularly in women, as well as the result of physical trauma causing damage to tissues. It is commonly accepted that hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can lead to the appearance of trunk and chest veins on women.

Some experts believe that these highly visible spider veins are directly linked to underlying systemic diseases that are already present in the body. Veins that appear on the torso are often present on the bodies of patients already suffering from Lupus, Erythematous, Scleroderma, liver disease or Cushing’s Syndrome. Those who are being treated for Deep Vein Thrombosis, blood clots or cirrhosis of the liver may also experience an increased likelihood of developing spider veins on the trunk and chest.


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Blue Chest Veins Associated with Breast Augmentation

Women who have undergone breast augmentation will often notice blue veins on the chest becoming more prominent post-procedure. The reasons for this development are varied but most closely linked to treatment trauma. Patients who elect to have silicone or saline breast implants placed may see chest veins become more visible as skin is stretched tightly over new contours, making vessels much more prominent. Similarly, it is not uncommon for veins near the surface of the skin to have an adverse reaction to physical trauma. Veins may respond negatively to a completely successful breast augmentation in the same way they would to any type of physical damage by becoming enlarged and hardening. Both of these effects will inevitably lead to a more prominent vein appearance on the chest. While the hardening of the veins will eventually disappear, the enlargement of these vessels is generally a permanent condition.

Options to Treat Varicose and Spider Veins on the Chest and Torso

When it comes to treat spider and varicose veins on chest or torso, a patient’s full medical profile should be taken into consideration. Methods and approach will be dependent on the size and severity of the area being treated. Patients looking to have larger blue veins on the torso treated will often undergo sclerotherapy. This procedure requires a physician or trained nurse to inject sclerosant into the problematic veins which ultimately collapses the vessels, allowing the body to absorb them.

Patients looking to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine red spider veins on the upper chest will often elect to use VeinWave. This non-invasive approach uses a high radiofrequency device to pulse directed heat towards problematic veins, collapsing them at the source.

The benefit of both sclerotherapy and VeinWave is the elimination of the need for patients to undergo anesthesia to experience successful results. These procedures are performed in the comfort of the physician’s office as outpatient treatments. Side effects are minimal in both cases and may include minor swelling or redness that is expected to disappear within a few days after the procedure is completed. Patients can expect to walk out of the office unassisted and resume normal activities the very same day.

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Treatment of Varicose Veins on the Chest

For some patients, prominent veins on the chest go beyond displeasing aesthetics and need to be treated as a potential underlying cause of a more serious medical issue. Varicose veins that appear on the chest may need to be treated with a more invasive procedure known as a phlebectomy. While still considered an outpatient procedure, those undergoing a phlebectomy will utilize a local anesthetic as veins are removed through small incisions in the problematic area.

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