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Face, Hands and Other Veins

Face, Hands and Other Veins Remove Hand and Face Veins Today | St. Louis Vein Removal Specialist

Visible veins are an annoyance no matter where they appear. Many of our patients come to us for hand vein removal services as well as for facial vein treatment by Dr. Wright at our St. Louis office. Trust us; if you’re looking for hand vein specialties in St. Louis, Dr. Wright can help

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Dr. Wright’s vein treatment are undeniable, check out his before and after pictures.

Removing & Treating Spider Veins of the Hands and Face

Thin, unsightly veins on the face, hands or legs are called spider veins. Anywhere we see visible veins, we know that blood is not circulating properly. Simple treatments can remedy the appearance of these annoying veins, making the skin smoother and more pleasing.

Spider veins are generally a cosmetic issue, and do not signal advanced vein disease. Sun exposure and lifestyle may aggravate these veins so that they become more prominent and more visible. Among the many vein treatment options we also specialize in hand vein removal services as well as facial vein treatment services at our St. Louis office.

Get the Wright Facial Vein Treatment and/or Hand Vein Removal Services in St. Louis

At our comfortable, discreet office we provide expert facial vein treatment and hand vein removal services with outpatient procedures that carry minimal downtime and maximum relief from unsightly imperfections.Contact Dr. Thomas Wright today for more information.


Today was my last treatment by Dr. Wright for varicose veins in my right calf. He was able to relieve the pain after the first treatment and, the veins have virtually disappeared. If fear is causing you to put off treatment, don’t wait any longer. At the initial exam and consultation, Dr. Wright and his assistant went out of their way to make sure I understood what was needed. They took care of getting a pre-approval from my insurance in just a few days. Scheduling was easy and, I resumed my normal activities immediately following each appointment.

– Fred