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Treating Telangiectasia with Veinwave

dr wright vein wave- telangiectasiaSpider veins can be embarrassing – especially in women. This issue has been featured in a range of health and wellness magazines, and it can even show up in early adulthood. Telangiectasia or fine, thread-like veins are also common, and these are due to genetics, prolonged standing or sitting, or lack of exercise.

These veins are predominant on the legs, but they can be found all over the body.  Most are superficial, but they can be disconcerting when wearing short and revealing clothing. Fortunately, men and women have options to remove spider veins without damage – and with meticulous details.

Some popular choices for treatment include wearing compression garments, sclerotherapy, laser therapy, and now, the Veinwave treatment.

What’s Veinwave?

The Veinwave is a tiny tool that provides powerful results. It’s applied to the affected skin, where safe levels of radiofrequency are emitted. To get more precise results, micro-needles are applied to the affected vein, without piercing or damaging them. Patients will feel a slight prick, and it’s relatively pain-free.

How does the radio wave cause the veins to disappear? The mechanism involves radio waves delivering heat to the veins, causing them to constrict and close.

How long does Veinwave take? It will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete in a provider’s office, and depending on the extent of veins present, follow-up sessions may be required.

Top Benefits

  • No pain or bruising after treatment

  • No risks of scarring or pigmentation

  • There’s no wait-time for results

  • It’s approved by the FDA

  • It features permanent results

Other Facts about Veinwave

Veinwave can be applied to any type of skin and complexion.

Once spider veins or Telangiectasia have been removed, patients don’t have to worry about these returning.

The Veinwave is particularly helpful for patients with sensitive skin.

What to Expect After Veinwave

The results of Veinwave will be immediate, and regular activities can be resumed following the quick application. Some recommendations include staying out of the sun or applying sunblock lotion after a few days.

How to Get Veinwave Treatment in St Louis

Surgeon Dr. Wright is happy to be at the front and center of the latest and most effective procedures the industry has to offer. He is one of the first 40 surgeon to offer Veinwave treatments, as seen on CBS’s The Doctors. Treat spider veins or thread veins on the face, midriff, legs and more. Don’t wait to start showing off flawless skin. Schedule an appointment today.