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To Some, Cosmetic Surgery is More Important Than Major Life Events

Fresh woman with marks drawn on face during botox procedure

A new development has been seen in our society’s goal to remain youthful, slim and beautiful. This competition to remain at the top of the game appearance-wise appears to have taken an interesting turn.

According to a survey done by the website RealSelf, women are currently delaying major life milestones and events, including getting married, purchasing a home, and even having children, all in favor of undergoing plastic surgery procedures.

RealSelf had approximately 51 million unique page views over the last year and is known for gathering and sharing information concerning elective cosmetic procedures. The study polled 700 people about the topic, asking individuals who had made contact with a cosmetic surgeon if they had, in fact, delayed acting on a major life event to undergo cosmetic procedures.

The results were very surprising.

Approximately 44 percent of the survey participants indicated that they had put off making a big purchase or going through a major life event so they could have the money to alter their appearance. About a third said they had delayed going on vacation, while making home improvements was the second on the list of sidelined events. Down the list, coming in at 14 percent and 6 percent were delaying having a baby and postponing getting married.

Of the trend, CEO of RealSelf Tom Seery said of cosmetic procedures, “it’s something that’s becoming more available and socially accessible.”

Additionally, there is no longer any embarrassment or shame associated with cosmetic surgery. In fact, it is now a mainstream part of Middle America and is no longer a bastion only for billionaires or those living in Beverly Hills. It has become so commonplace, that those who may not choose to undergo maintenance or anti-aging procedures may the one being viewed as out of the norm.

Interesting, a recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also supports this theory.

Says Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center, “As the realm of cosmetic procedures has made advancements and making the procedures much more accessible, we have seen more and more people who may not meet the previous stereotypical patient visiting us for procedures.”

He continues to say, “We have seen more patients who believe that it is now completely socially acceptable to undergo cosmetic procedures than ever before.”