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The Danger of Celebrity Doctor Personalities

Millions of people watch them and rely on their advice and recommendations for treating a variety of ailments from weight-loss struggles to skin care and everything in between. But shows such as “The Doctors” or “Dr. Oz” can be somewhat dangerous when it comes to patients taking the information seen on these shows as a personal diagnosis and treatment recommendation, instead of relying on the expertise of a doctor who has personally examined them and treated them. It’s also important to recognize that these shows rely on the sponsorship of products and methods that they often endorse to their audience instead of focusing on a variety of treatment options.

Why you shouldn’t take Advice at Face Value

Many patients may receive a polished, watered down representation of a type of treatment in watching quick, ten minute segments on a particular condition and its treatment methods on these shows. This leads them to head to their doctor without a clear understanding of the many details, possible complications, and treatment variances that come into play when treating each and every patient as an individual. A brief, televised segment highlighting a medical condition and one or two possible treatment methods that may have worked a certain way for some patients should not be taken as a guarantee or as an individual diagnosis or treatment recommendation.

In a recent study on “The BMJ” medical site, in which a variety of medical specialists publish their recent research and findings on a variety of health and medical-related subjects, the reliability of these shows was brought into question. When it comes to providing adequate information and guidance on a myriad of health conditions and their treatments, these shows and their celebrity doctors were found to be coming up short in providing substantial information on health problems and the benefits of certain treatments. Many of the recommendations given on these shows are based on very little evidence or are presented based on only the very best evidence found instead of presenting a balanced view to the audience members. Conflicts or potential problems are rarely addressed which should make each viewer skeptical and cautious while taking televised advice with a grain of salt.

What you Should Do

The very best course of treatment that any patient should seek for health and well-being should be through the help of an experienced doctor who can treat patients one-on-one while providing individual care for each patient’s unique situation.

Dr. Wright of the Laser, Lipo and Vein Center is one such specialist who is able to offer the very best experience and insight for venous disease, a variety of skin treatments and liposuction procedures and will always consult with each patient one-on-one to give them realistic treatment options and result expectations.