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The Amazing Brazilian Butt Lift: An Infographic

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Explaining the Brazilian Butt Lift

What’s Happening?

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure uses the patients’ own fat to naturally augment, shape and sculpt the buttocks. First, the surgeon removes the fat via liposuction from the other areas of the body (typically the belly, hips, or thigh area). Then, they transfer the fat to the appropriate areas of the buttocks.

What do you Look Like Before?

  • Butt no longer perky and tight
  • Saggy “sitting all day” butt
  • Less Desirable Look

What do you Look Like AFter?

  • Decreased waistline, increased buttocks
  • Full and curvy appearance
  • Natural form and feel

Let’s See Some Stats

  • 2-3 hour surgery time
  • 7-10 days return to work
  • 3 weeks for 90% recovery
  • 6 weeks for a full recovery
  • The average cost varies based on BMI

What do Patients Think?

“My butt is more full, there wasn’t a lot of downtime, a little sore…but well worth it. I chose Dr. Wright because I felt comfortable here. I am overall happy with my procedure and I would do it over again”

Additional Information

This cosmetic procedure can make a huge difference in improving the look of your derriere. Warning: Additional stares may lead to an increase in confidence and a positive self-image. Contact Dr. Wright to see how the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can change your life!

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