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St. Louis Non-Surgical Liposuction Procedures

St. Louis Non-Surgical Liposuction Procedures What is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

Alternative Solutions to Traditional Liposuction

slider_lWhile traditional liposuction is categorized as a minimally invasive procedure in the world of cosmetic alterations, many patients shy away from this type of treatment due to the misperception that liposuction requires a potentially lengthy hospital stay and risks associated with the use of general anesthesia. Even though liposuction can be performed without general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure, there still are many people who do not want any skin punctures or recovery time. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic technologies have opened up a wide variety of non-surgical option for patients looking to remove stubborn fat deposits. Much like traditional liposuction, these procedures are not intended as weight loss solutions but do provide extremely successful results when patients are looking to remove fat deposits that have remained intact despite regular diet and exercise. Keep reading to learn more about our St Louis non-surgical liposuction procedures.

Types of Non-Surgical Liposuction

Patients and physicians have many options available when it comes to a specific and preferred approach to performing St. Louis Non-Surgical Liposuction Procedures. Body Fx and Forma are both non-surgical solutions for safely removing fat with a focus on laser and radiofrequency technology. Patients who elect a laser-based approach will find the success of the procedure occurring at a molecular level. Lasers carefully directed at problematic areas can effectively reduce the size of the fat cells, ultimately minimizing or eliminating their appearance. Similarly, high-radiofrequency waves directed at fat cell deposits can virtually melt fat cells away for good. Both of these techniques require a much lower-energy level to minimize fat cells than options requiring laser or radiofrequency waves alongside a more invasive approach. A third option for many patients is CoolSculpting. This method involves freezing fat cells from the exterior of the skin as a way of eliminating them permanently.

Comparing a Non-Surgical Approach and Tumescent Liposuction

While non-invasive and non-surgical approaches to liposuction can successfully remove small amounts of fat in a single session, patients willing to undergo tumescent liposuction will experience more immediate and wide spread results. While still considered a minimally-invasive approach, tumescent liposuction requires the injection of lidocaine and epinephrine into fat cells below the skin. The results of this solution on fat cells makes for extremely fluid extraction using a small cannula. The incorporation of this solution also means the attending physician is able to treat a larger area of fat cells and more completely as compared to non-invasive, non-surgical approaches. Additionally, tumescent liposuction has proven to deliver a quick recovery time for patients who elect this treatment option. Many patients report minimal swelling or redness at the injection site that often disappears within a few days after the procedure has been completed. For even more effective results, physicians will often recommend patients undergo a combination of non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques. The benefit of combining tumescent liposuction with laser-based and radiofrequency techniques is an additional likelihood of skin tightening more permanently near the treated areas.

Procedural Safety

Due to the non-invasive nature associated with non-surgical approaches to fat removal and body sculpting, treatment options are highly safe and effective. The majority of patients that undergo St. Louis Non-Surgical Liposuction Procedures report minimal pain post-procedure that is easily treated with basic over the counter pain medications for a few days following treatment. Whether patients opt for a completely non-surgical approach, or decide to combine techniques to treat fat deposits, these methods deliver a quick recovery time and never require the use of general anesthesia.

Scheduling a Consultation for Your St. Louis Non-Surgical Liposuction Procedures

Dr. Wright at the team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center are committed to providing the highest quality of patient care. In order to ensure that patients are electing to follow a treatment plan that is customized to their individual needs, our clinic provides a comprehensive approach to cosmetic alterations. The first step in creating an individualized treatment plan is to schedule an initial consultation. This meeting provides a great opportunity to discuss options, procedural specifics and any questions or concerns you may have in comfortable setting. An open dialogue paves the wave to a trusting relationship between a patient and the attending physician that leads to a successful experience.

Insurance Coverage and Financing Options

Medical insurance companies almost always consider cosmetic alterations non-essential procedures, so prospective patients might want to check on their individual plans prior to undergoing treatment. While many patients will elect to undergo liposuction as a way to reduce the physical evidence of lingering fat deposits, for some with underlying conditions such as lipedema, liposuction may work to reduce the pressure on vessels and improve symptoms while reducing the chance for medical complications in the future. If this is the case, there is a chance your insurance provider may cover the cost of care. For those who are seeking treatment for purely aesthetic purposes, make sure to talk with our team about the many financing options available. When it comes to contouring your body to the shape you desire, we’re here to help you find a way to make it happen. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or ask us about the procedures and treatments we offer.