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Social Media Making Cosmetic Procedures Popular

The selfie is king in today’s popular social media trends. We’ve all seen various celebrities posting photos on various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, with the latter being particularly popular.

The cosmetic surgery industry has also experienced an uptick in the requests for procedures that can help patients gain celebrity features and looks. Currently, there has been a trend that sees women using edited selfies as a way to present a better image or look.

Photo Filters Driving Industry

According to a recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there has been an increase in the number of patients seeking procedures so they can look better in selfies. This increase has been attributed to Instagram filters that give people a better look with a mere swipe of the finger. Often, surgeons receive questions from clients asking to achieve the look attained via the filters. For instance, the Willow filter gives faces a more defined look, while the Early Bird provides a warm, soft glow. Other filters can lessen the appearance of imperfections and large pores.

A number of people are seeking treatment to achieve the look that these filters have highlighted. From dermal fillers and Botox to chemical peels and other similar procedures, many are undergoing these treatments to achieve the look provided by those photo filters.

Underlying Interests

While some may see this as odd, many within the industry see it as a step in good direction. Dr. Thomas Wright of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center says, “We don’t see people seeking these treatments as a way to look like another person, such as a celebrity. Rather they simply want to look better or younger — essential a better image of themselves.”

Dr. Wright continues by saying that many patients come to his office and are concerned with many common signs of aging or other skin imperfections including wrinkles, complexion issues such as dark spots, and other similar issues. He says that there are many available procedures and treatments that can help these patients erase these imperfections.

Additionally, there are treatments that can take care of sagging jowls and double chins. These are common situations that many use those filters to disguise. Dr. Wright says, “We can generally take that end-result look created by filters, and actually make it happen.”

Social media’s future is visual content, so if you want to present your best image, contact us at Laser Lipo and Vein Center. We can discuss options that will help you look your best!

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