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Soaring Midriff Lipo Numbers Courtesy of the Crop Top

crop topOne of the most fail proof ways to rock the crop top is with flat abs. Without this asset, the crop top can look less than flattering, and as a result, women are turning to lipo to get a fast and easy fix for extra fat on the midriff.

If memory serves well, this fashionable piece was also popular during the 1990s. Today, women of all ages are embracing the style, not just tweens and teens alone. The trend explains the rise seen in lipo and thread vein removal in centers of aesthetics across the United States.

Exploring How the Crop Top Is Worn

The crop top of today could be considered a more elegant hybrid of years’ past. This is due to the pairings recommended, including proportionately matching bottoms, like jeans and skirts that can be worn to balance the amount of ab inches exposed.
Regardless of the amount of skin shown, no one can deny that a flat ab is a sexy ab, no matter the style being worn.

The demand for flat abs means that lipo of the midriff remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed year after year.

Why Midriff Lipo Is a Popular Choice

Why is lipo the go-to way for wearing a crop top in stride?

Here are some popular reasons why:

  • Sweat Free Fat Removal – regardless of the amount of time spent in the gym, it’s no secret that bulging fat in the midriff is difficult to remove. Liposuction removes stubborn fat easily.
  • Improve Confidence – one of the must-haves for looking sexy in a crop top is confidence. This can be reinforced with a flat midriff. Lipo can help.
  • Liposuction is an option for bulges or fat that has not responded to weight loss and exercise.

What other aesthetic procedures are rising in conjunction to the crop top’s comeback? Plenty.

With stars embracing the style on red carpets and casual runs, one complimentary procedure that can be done in addition to midriff lipo is thread vein removal. A news report estimates that the number of these procedures rose by 20%, and it’s expected to grow in the fashion seasons ahead.