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Skin Cancer Self-Exam Checklist

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If you’re worried about contracting skin cancer – the most common of all cancers – the key is early detection. Fortunately, while a dermatologist is recommended to make the final diagnosis, there is much you can do to catch the early warning signs, using our self-exam checklist! Read on for more information!

—– SCRIPT —–

Step One

Use a mirror and examine the front and back of your body, as well as your sides.

Step Two

Check your elbows and arms, be sure to look carefully at the back of your upper arms, hand palms, and arm pits.

Step Three

Look at the front and back of your legs, don’t forget to ch3eck your feet or the space between your toes.

Step four

Using a hand mirror, examine your scalp as well as the back of your neck.

Step Five

Then check your back, butt, and pubic area with a hand mirror.


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