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Safety Measures & a Virtual Consultation

If you are like us, you are not experiencing the spring season that you were expecting just a few weeks ago. The onset of COVID-19 has turned everything upside down across the country, forcing school closures and the cancellation of all public events. While some states have closed cosmetic offices, we continue to operate with a few adjustments. We understand that any change can make it difficult to receiving your previously scheduled consultation or elective procedure. We are making sure each and every patient of ours remains safe during this novel crisis through new operational measures that have been recently established. With updated safety guidelines and a virtual consultation, you can expect the same great experience from the Laser Lipo & Vein Center.

New Safety Standards for Our Offices

While we pride ourselves in having an exceptionally clean office, we are implementing new safety standards in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization have been providing different guidelines for how businesses and individuals can stay safe from COVID-19. We have taken a few of these guidelines to ensure our offices maintain the highest cleanliness standard. We are advising our patients to maintain social distancing when visiting. This recommendation asks individuals to maintain six feet of distance from one another. The CDC and WHO implemented this practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through sneezing or coughing. Please make sure to sneeze or cough into your elbow when out in public. We will greet all of our wonderful patients with a smile every time you walk through our doors.

Maintaining distance is not the only thing we will be putting in place at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center. We will be setting up additional hand sanitizer stations all throughout the building. Expect to see a hand sanitizer station or sanitizing wipes as you walk inside. Additional stations will be spread out ensuring you can clean off your hands after touching any frequently used surface. As mentioned, we pride ourselves on having our entire office be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. We will continue to do just that and more. Each patient room will be cleaned including all surfaces that are frequently used. These surfaces include anything the patient touches such a doorknobs, light switches, the exam table, exam bed, chairs, handles, and more.

We also make sure to watch out for our staff needs in addition to our patient needs. Questions regarding respiratory infections will be included in our patient consultations. Anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or experiencing any of its symptoms will be asked to reschedule their appointment for a later date. We want to make sure our staff can continue providing the incredible service you are used to receiving. Please follow cough and hand hygiene and feel free to wear your face masks when inside. By implementing these additional safety standards, we can help fight the spread of COVID-19 while providing the top liposuction and vein care in the city!

Now Providing Virtual Consultations

If you are at an age that is at greater risk for COVID-19, it can be difficult to get out of the house. The novel crisis is changing the ways cosmetic surgeons can provide consultation to potential patients looking for care. If you do not want to reschedule your consultation or believe you are at risk for COVID-19, request a virtual consultation with our technicians. Our virtual consultations provide the same level of detail and care that our in-person consultations provide.

Every patient will receive the same level of knowledge and care during their virtual consultation. This process starts with a simple phone call requesting your consultation. Our staff will ensure you are properly set up for a virtual conference and answer any questions you have. As mentioned, a medical questionnaire will be used and will now include some short questions about your respiratory health. These virtual consultations will also make sure you are the ideal candidate for the treatment you are looking for. Your safety is our highest priority. Individuals who are not the ideal candidate for their treatment will not be recommended for the procedure. Our technicians will answer any questions you have so you do not have to leave the comfort and safety of your home. Call for your virtual consultation today and see how the Laser Lipo and Vein Center can improve your vein health in a simple procedure.

Your Health Is Essential

Increased safety guidelines and virtual consultations are just some of the ways we are helping to fight the spread of COVID-19. Do not forget your own health when dealing with this health crisis and seek the treatment you need. Our technicians will make sure there is a procedure designed for you with an individualized care plan. Call today for your virtual consultation!