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The Return Of The Crop Top Means Soaring Vein Removals In Midriff

Pic Thigh GapThe crop top is back in fashion, and to keep with the trend, a rising number of women have chosen vein removal in the midriff area, in order to boost confidence.

The Cause of Increased Vein Removals In The Midriff

The numbers are in – aesthetic centers have experienced a twenty percent surge in this cosmetic procedure as a result of the fashion trend that once ruled the nineties. Celebrities too, have adapted the crop top trend, and it’s no wonder that everyday folks are following the cool Spring and Summer pattern.

Veins in the midriff that call for cosmetic removal are usually characterized by one large belt of red lines. They are otherwise known as thread veins, and the most common cause is genetics. Other risk factors include fluctuations in weight, type of job or pregnancy. Fortunately, there are non-invasive and virtually pain-free methods to remove thread veins.

While vein removal is often associated with the face and the legs, some women, and those between the age range of twenty and forty years old may have visible veins in the midriff.

How Vein Threads Are Removed In the Midriff

Now that the trend in vein removals have surged as a result of the crop top, this then begs the question: how is it done? There are many non-invasive ways of vein removal including: Schlerotherapy, with sclerosant solutions injected into the veins, or IPL otherwise known as Intense Pulse Light therapy. Both shrink the vein and reroute the blood to healthier ports.

Many of these techniques take less than an hour, depending on the extent of the vein threads, and patients can resume regular activities right afterward.

Benefits of Vein Removal In The Midriff

  • Keep Trendy – if your style is fun and flirty, oftentimes adapting new seasonal trends, then removing unsightly veins from the midriff should help boost confidence.

  • Show Off A Toned Tummy – it’s one thing to have flat abs, and another to have this asset riddled with veins. Now, patients are able to achieve a flawless appearance with the help of non-invasive cosmetic procedures like Schlerotherapy and IPL.

  • Feel Confident In A Bikini – the two-piece typically shows most of our flaws, but this doesn’t have to be the case with cosmetic procedures like vein removal of the midriff.

Local aesthetic centers feature specialists that provide non-invasive methods to get a toned and spotless midriff, including liposuction and vein removal services. The average price of these cosmetic trends vary by geographic area and the specialist providing services.