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Reduce Spider Veins With Sclerotherapy St. Louis

Spider Vein Treatment at St Louis Laser Vein CenterSpider veins often show up on the feet and legs of men and women in particular who are nearing middle age or who are predisposed to developing spider veins due to a family history of spider veins or varicose veins. Pregnant women are also particularly prone to developing spider veins as the growing pressure on their feet and legs can cause problems with circulation. Though spider veins in and of themselves don’t usually pose a significant risk, they can cause a lot of discomfort and even embarrassment for those who have them, and if not treated, spider veins can lead to more serious problems including blood clots.

Though there are many efforts that can be made to alleviate some of the discomfort of spider veins, there is no cure for them once they’ve appeared and the only way to be rid of them is through medical intervention. A vein specialist can perform a procedure known as “ultrasound guided sclerotherapy” to help close up damaged veins resulting in less visible veins or even the disappearance of some irritated veins. Sclerotherapy is one way to reduce spider veins.

The ultrasound guided sclerotherapy in St. Louis procedure uses ultrasound technology to help the technician or doctor pinpoint the veins that have been damaged and treat them accordingly without damaging any of the surrounding skin or veins.

Once each vein is detected with ultrasound technology, the vein specialist will then inject medicine into the vein which cues a shrinking or complete closure of the vein causing the appearance of spider veins to disappear.

As a treatment method, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is a mimimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure that requires little to no downtime. Patients are able to return to their normal day to day activities with relative ease shortly following treatment though they may be instructed to avoid strenuous activity for a few days afterward.

Those who undergo ultrasound guided sclerotherapy in St. Louis don’t need to devote a lot of time to the process as most treatment sessions are completed in under an hour. Some patients might be required to undergo several treatments to enjoy full results while others will see drastic improvements after just the first session.

Schedule a consultation with a vein specialist doctor to have your spider veins examined and to discuss what kind of results can be expected for your individual circumstances. A doctor who specializes in vein care can provide the best care and long-term results so that spider veins are no longer a part of your life. Reduce spider veins today – call now!