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Liposuction of the Hips/Flanks

Liposuction of the Hips/Flanks Body Areas

lipo cost buttonOne of the most popular liposuction procedures among both men and women includes flank liposuction and hip liposuction to remove extra fat and create a slimmer appearance. Men and women both tend to accumulate extra fat as they age though even young patients struggle with love handles and extra fat around the waist. Tumescent liposuction is a great option for those who have tried to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and still find that this extra fat in their hips and flanks doesn’t seem to be as willing to budge as it is elsewhere on their bodies. Tumescent flank liposuction is generally much safer and easier than traditional liposuction with patients able to still enjoy noticeable, long-term results in much less downtime.

male flanks before liposuctionmale flanks after liposuction flanks right side before and after liposuctionflanks right side after liposuction

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Tumescent flank and hip lipo helps to taper the waistline and create a smoother, more even body contour while gently suctioning fat from these areas with the help of a local anesthetic and an experienced surgeon. Tumescent liposuction procedures allow for a quicker procedure (usually lasting little more than an hour tops) and faster recovery times with patients able to return to work and most of their normal activities within a couple of days at most. Patients are thrilled to learn that tumescent hip and flank lipo results are, in fact, permanent, and once those fatty cells have been removed from the body they do not grow back which means this newly sculpted body can be enjoyed for years and years.

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Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Some men and women can accumulate extra fat in the flanks despite a relatively slender stomach. In women this fat can rest on the top of their hips and makes their hips look bigger. While other candidates for tumescent flank liposuction are those who are struggling with love handles and extra fatty deposits on their hip area and can also have a higher accumulation of fatty tissue on their stomach, back and sides. Those who are able to pinch more than a quarter inch of fatty tissue from their belt line will be able to benefit from liposuction of this area and notice significant results from the process.

flanks braline liposuction before backflanks braline tumescent liposuction after back abs flanks smart lipo before leftabs lipo flanks after left

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

The liposuction hip and flank procedure can be combined with other liposuction procedures so if patients have more than one troubled area that they hope to target at once, it should be done under the guidance and approval of their doctor after a physical exam. After the local anesthetic has been applied to the area, the surgeon will then proceed to make several very small incisions in the skin through which a small cannula will be carefully inserted. It’s through this small cannula that the fat will be gently and swiftly sucked out.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

After the hip and flank procedure, most patients will experience very mild side effects along the lines of slight bruising and swelling, most of which can be treated with over-the-counter pain killers. Patients will enjoy full, long-term results as soon as 3-4 weeks post-treatment.

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