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Knee Lipo

Knee Lipo Get the Smoother Look you Desire From Knee Liposuction

A toned, sculpted and smooth physique is commonly linked to an individual’s sense of overall self-confidence. For both men and women alike, the development of stubborn fat deposits across the body that disrupts this aesthetic and doesn’t respond to diet or exercise can be extremely frustrating. Clusters of fat cells that are difficult to get rid of through natural means can happen for a variety of reasons. While some individuals develop these pockets of fat cells due to the natural aging process and a slowing metabolism, others are prone to developing these difficult areas in large part due to genetics. Knee lipo is a common procedure for one of these areas.

Whatever the reasons may be behind the development of fat cells, no area of the body is completely resistant to the potential for this condition, including the knees. For men and women that experience an excessive build-up of fat cells in the knee area, an unhappiness with the way their legs look in everyday shorts, dresses or skirts can quickly follow. Fortunately, it’s not necessary for individuals suffering from this development to simply live with the reality of it. The field of cosmetic treatment and care has seen major developments through technology and innovative strategies meaning patients now have more choices than ever when it comes to reducing the appearance of fat around the knees or even eliminating it entirely. Amongst the choices available, patients often find knee lipo to be a safe, effective and highly successful option when looking to smooth and contour the knees.

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Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Understanding Liposuction for the Knees

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The process of treating fat cells around the knees with liposuction is wonderfully direct and in the modern era of cosmetic care can be performed as an outpatient procedure right in the comfort of the attending physician’s office. The process begins with the treatment area being clearly marked before the physician injects a tumescent anesthetic to numb the area and restrict any potentially problematic blood vessels that could cause extensive bruising. Once the area is numb, microincisions are made only large enough to allow a microcannula to be inserted and the fat cells in the targeted area to be suctioned out successfully.

This minimally invasive procedure can be combined with liposuction in nearby areas of the body in order to produce balanced, smooth and natural results if the attending physician feels this would be a good choice for the patient in reaching their aesthetic goals.

Results and Recovery Specifics for Knee Lipo

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Individual Results May Vary

The outpatient nature of liposuction performed on the knees means that the corresponding recovery period is extremely short. Most patients that elect to undergo this procedure will be able to return to their normal routines within 48 hours following treatment. While some immediate results will be visible because fat cells have been directly removed, the vast majority of successful results show up within 3-4 weeks of the procedure. Many physicians will recommend that patients undergoing liposuction of any type wear compression garments on the treatment area for a certain amount of time following treatment. These garments not only promote healthy blood flow but help ensure successful long-term results.

Knee Lipo Safety

Knee lipo is considered an extremely safe procedure for patients. The exclusive use of a local anesthetic means patients remain awake throughout the process and don’t have to worry about any of the risks associated with the use of general anesthesia. Similarly, an outpatient procedure eliminates worries and risks associated with a major hospital stay as well as the potential for infection developed during a lengthy recovery period. The microincisions created during this procedure aren’t big enough to warrant stitches and also eliminate the potential for major scarring at the treatment site. At most, patients generally report slight swelling or discomfort after knee lipo, most of which is treated with over the counter pain medication.

Cost Considerations

Taking time to understand the cost of cosmetic treatment or services prior to undergoing any form of treatment is important for every patient. The final cost associated with treatment will vary between patients depending on the severity of the treatment area, if multiple treatment areas are being considered and if multiple sessions are required to achieve successful results. The St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is happy to offer patients a variety of in-clinic solutions related to payment plans and financing.

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