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Inner Thigh Liposuction

Inner Thigh Liposuction Body Areas

Many are self-conscious about the appearance and feel of their inner thighs. Fat stored in inner thighs makes people feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, inner thigh lipo helps easily sculpt thighs, where diet and exercise haven’t been successful at revealing a toned, pleasing shape.

A major concern of those watching their weight and shape is the thigh area. “My thighs rub together and I hate it” is a common complaint. Inner thigh liposuction results in a toned upper leg and better fitting clothes.

A excellent liposuction results with one of our St. Louis patients after outer thigh liposuction.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

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Get Comfortable with Inner Thigh Lipo in St. Louis

The inner thigh lipo procedure is easy and takes about half of a workday to complete in our St. Louis-area office. First, patients are given a tiny injection of local anesthetic. Then the numbed area gets an infusion of local anesthesia, epinephrine and saline in a solution. The local anesthesia gives maximum comfort, while epinephrine safely contracts blood vessels, limiting any possible bruising or bleeding. Saline makes the area plump and it loosens the fat in the area for its easy removal.

Both thighs are treated during the procedure by the doctor. Local anesthesia means the patient is awake, listening to his or her choice of music in the office, and moving in natural ways so Dr. Wright can gauge symmetry. Since patients are awake, the procedure is comfortable and patients enjoy the process of sculpting the area. Once the fat cells are removed through suction, they are gone forever.

Recovering from Inner Thigh Lipo

Afterwards, the patient is walking and can resume all normal activities. In a few days, the doctor follows up at an appointment to check the progress of the treatment. Patients can address any post-procedure discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers. For a while, compression garments (like bike shorts) worn over the treated area make sure the new shape of the inner thigh shows itself soon.

Inner thigh liposuction is wonderful for relieving the discomfort of thighs that rub together and restoring a fit appearance.

Before and After Inner Thigh Lipo

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary


Inner thighs greatly benefit from sculpting with liposuction


My experience with Dr. Wright and his staff was exceptional. I have had two liposuction procedures performed by Dr. Wright and both were very successful. I would recommend Dr. Wright and his staff highly. The staff was professional and helpful with after care and follow-up appointments. If I had any other needs they would be on the top of my list.

– D.H.