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How the Appearance of a CEO Affects Shareholder Value

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Your appearance isn’t everything, but it is something, and that’s no secret to the millions of people who make a daily effort to look their best, whether it’s through the use of cosmetics, nice clothing, healthy eating and exercise and cosmetic procedures for fixing flaws and boosting self-esteem.

Of course those who are in the limelight or hold more recognition in their careers and positions tend to be scrutinized more for their appearances, and the role of CEO is no different. Often seen as the face of a company and a brand, the CEO is expected to put on a good face in every sense of the world.

A recent study entitled, “Beauty is Wealth: CEO Appearance and Shareholder Value” by Joseph Taylor Halford of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Scott H.C. Hsu of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, was conducted and a paper detailing their findings was published in December of 2014.

The idea was to examine whether or not, and to what degree, the physical appearance of a CEO affects shareholder value. Having obtained a “Facial Attractiveness Index” of 667 CEOs (which determines the geometry and symmetry of a face), the idea was to determine whether CEOs who were deemed more attractive enjoyed better returns with their job announcements, higher returns with acquisition announcements, and so forth.

The bottom line findings suggested that, unsurprisingly, CEO appearance matters for overall shareholder value with CEOs who rank higher on the “Facial Attractiveness Index” experiencing greater success, esteem, and influence than their less attractive counterparts.

Due to how much of an impact a person’s attractiveness has on their day to day life, relationships, careers and business ventures, more people are seeking cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearances and fix those areas that they have long had issues with. Some of the most popular modern cosmetic procedures are much less risky than more serious plastic surgery endeavors of prior decades. Current liposuction techniques, for example, can be done with just a local anesthesia so that patients are able to remain awake during the procedure and not expected to undergo weeks of downtime and healing.

Other cosmetic enhancements that can be completed in a matter of an hour or less might include skin resurfacing treatments, laser hair removal, collagen boost procedures and more. Seeking out these treatments has become somewhat common in today’s world and the outcome of these cosmetic efforts can mean more success in many areas of life.

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